Lammas Day.

I think I have posted this before. But what, if anything, is anyone doing on these boards for Lammas Day? It is today, in case you don’t know. August 1, 2018.

First, a little background. It is the blessing of the first fruits. It is also roughly equidistant between the Summer Solstice and the Autumnal Equinox. I think I first heard about it in a book of neopagan Wicca, if not before. It is one of the eight “cross-quarter” days, Cecil Adams talks about (although I have never been able to find the column in which he says that [little help:)?]).

And FWIW, Google at least, thinks it’s a big deal.

What do the rest of you think? And while we’re at it, does anyone here celebrate it? It is a Christian festival (“Lammas” is actual a corruption of “Loaf-mass”–get it?).


And it appears the two-m Lammas is a feast.

And a three-L llama is a really big fire.

More importantly, today is also Jerry Garcia’s birthday. Happy 76th, Jerry!

I bought a cantaloupe .
Yay! Holiday!

I was going to watch reruns of Renegade, but now I see that the spelling is wrong.

I had the day off work so I celebrated the cross-quarter day of Lughnasadh (that’s the Celtic Pagan word) largely by goofing off.

And having lunch with the local Jewish Federation, who are not only completely unaware of it being Lammas, but wouldn’t care if they did. Ditto for Lughnasadh.

Yep, I’m not only a mutt by descent but also in religion.

And I was all set to prove some theorems to help me prove some other theorems.

I wasn’t ready for anything at all. Still not.

So, this isn’t about Tolkien’s elf bread…

No, it’s about his essay about the history of languages in Middle Earth.

You look mah-velous.


This is what they were doing on the Scottish border in 1388:

Now it fell about the Lammas tide,
When the muir-men win their hay,
The doughty Douglas bound him ride
Into England, to drive a prey.

I celebrated Lughnasadh after work by walking around a park and thinking about the past three months. Then I got an ice cream off the truck and sat in the park and ate it.

I was considering a small animal sacrifice, or do you think that just a bit too much?

I dunno - is there BBQ at your house later? If so, definitely OK!

Please, someone explain this one; I’ve been wracking my brain. (Or is that racking my brain? There seems to be a difference of opinon on this…)

A three-l-llama

I’d hate to watch their game shows.


win, v. Sc. and north. dial.

trans. To dry (hay, seed, turf, wood, etc.) by exposure to the air, or to the heat of the sun or a fire.

I bought peaches for the team at my office we all made a mess eating them. They were perfectly ripe.