Laptop help needed compaq C712NR

I have this laptop I purchased last BF. It came with Vista on it but I wiped it and put a NFR of XP Pro that I got at a MS event on it.

I was able to find drivers for the trackpad and all the other devices without a problem.

The other day I attacked a Logitech Wireless Keyboard & Mouse to it. Everything was fine but now on the trackpad the right button doesn’t do anything. I can left click with no problem but can not right click. It doesn’t matter if the receiver for the wireless keyboard and mouse is attached or not.

Any suggestions on how to regain the right button function on the track pad.I don’t want to have to carry around a mouse with the laptop all the time.

What the hell is “last BF”?

Black Friday sale

The track pad should have it’s own applet in control panel where you set the default key settings. Have you checked that?.

Yes the applet seems to no longer be there.

It might also be a tab section under the controls for the mouse.

Nope not there either. I think it’s time for a fresh XP install on it

Just wanted to add looks like the trackpad is deadish. The pad itself works and so does the left button but the right one is unresponsieve