Laptop not seeing new battery. Help please?

The specifics: Notebook is a Samsung NP305E7A running Windows 7 Home Premium x64.

Original battery finally died. Ordered a new one. The new one has a LED meter on it, and it shows 3/4 charged.

However, the notebook is not recognizing that there is even a battery attached. In the BIOS or in Windows. Windows shows the battery icon with a red “X” and it says on mouseover: “No Battery Is Detected.” On the advice of the battery manufacturer, here is what I’ve tried:

  1. Starting the laptop without the battery, going to the BIOS setup, then installing the battery.

  2. Starting the laptop with the battery, letting it log into Windows fully, then installing the battery.

Anyone else have any ideas? I’m about ready to return it, but hate to do it until I’ve exhausted all possibilities.

Thanks for any help.


is it a Samsung battery or one purchased from them?

It you can start it on battery alone, does it matter?

No. It’s aftermarket. But I must say I’ve bought many batteries from this vendor and this is the first problem I’ve run into.

And it won’t start on battery alone. It’s not even recognizing that there IS a battery.

It’s possible that the battery is bad. I work for a school district that has purchased a lot of replacement batteries for laptops. Occasionally we run across a new battery that just doesn’t work.

What were the symptoms that let you know the old battery died? Could it still hold enough charge to power up the laptop, or did the system stop seeing the battery completely? If the latter it’s possible there’s a problem with the laptop instead of the battery.

It’s probably just a bad or incompatible battery, though. I would ask for an exchange from the vendor and double check that it’s the correct model for the laptop.

I don’t recall encountering any laptops that required a special procedure to recognize a battery, so I doubt steps like booting first and then hooking up the battery are going to fix it. You might want to examine the contacts on the battery and laptop to make sure nothing is noticeably bent or out of alignment.

Or some kind of protective film…

Never heard of that, but with the recent lithium battery fires, who knows what CYA measures battery manufacturers may take.

Thanks all. I’m going to return the thing. Appreciate the input.