Laptop Question

My laptop us a HP pavilion. The battery is recently purchased after the original died.

For an unknown reason, the laptop must be plugged into it’s adapter to turn on. After initial power it can be unplugged and run on battery power.

Any idea what causes this?

Google has not offered relevant results. Any help and speculation appreciated.


I have come across a ton of almost identical problems with HP laptops, the power supplys suck.

In your case, it seems that there is more in the power management area that needs to be fixed.

Just anecdotal , I hate working on HP laptops, and newer desktops, and the printers are straight from hell.

I’m really close to condemning HP products, but it has never gotten that far, HP just likes bloatware, and being difficult to support.

Have you checked power supply (controls) on control panel? Make sure it is set properly I think I had this problem where it was turning to automatic shutdown when idle for a certain amount of time.
Once I made the settings to stay on at all times the problem was gone.
Experiment with these settings make one change at a time.

Good luck.

That’s not the issue.

The clarify…

the laptop will not turn on unless it’s plugged in.

After it turns on, it can be unplugged and run off battery power.

It’s the initial plug in that’s needed.

I dont know why this is.

Any guesses?

I agree that it’s something in the power management settings. Under control panel, power options, somewhere you’ll find advanced settings. In there are settings for processor power management, minimum and maximum power state levels under battery power and a/c power. Maybe the levels are set too low. There are other hidden settings in there that could have something to do with it, too. Have you tried talking to HP?

I don’t turn my laptop off unless necessary; I usually hibernate it. Does your power button work unplugged if your laptop is just sleeping or hibernating?

My guess would be the hibernate/sleep settings are overlapping. The default settings in Vista, for example, are: start menu puts the computer to sleep, closing the lid causes hibernation. Therefore, if you do both unwittingly, the computer is unable to power on, as it is confused as to which power state it is recovering from. Plugging it in would force it to use different settings, and thus it would power normally.

But, from the other parts of your story, I doubt this is it, just a guess.

Does it have tis problem irrespective of whether your laptop is sleeping, hibernating, or shut down and turned off?

Is the battery an HP battery or a compatible?

Does the old battery work well enough that you can test whether your laptop will turn on with just that battery installed?

It has nothing to do with power management or sleep mode.

So starting out, the computer is off. If I press the power button, nothing happens, even if the battery is fully charged.

I must plug in the adapter, and THEN press the power button for the computer to turn on.

After the computer is on, I can unplug the adapter and it runs off the battery fine.

It seems like the computer needs the extra boost from the adapter to turn on.

There is no problem when the computer hibernates or comes back from sleep mode.

The new battery is compatible and is the same model. I never had this problem with the old battery but it cant be tested, becasue it no longer works.

This is odd. When the computer is hibernating, it’s completely off, just as if you’d turned it off, it’s just saved the state of the computer to the hard drive.

Looking at all the evidence, it appears that your battery is the wrong model for your laptop, and doesn’t supply sufficient power needed to start the computer.

Double check the model number, and then make sure any packing tape was removed from the contacts.

That’s a plausible answer.

The new battery is the same voltage and a general replacement model, but it could have deficiencies.

Thanks, I’ll keep looking into this.

Yep, if it’s not from the manufacturer, that’s probably it.

Batteries and power supplies report all of this using digital signals. Either your replacement battery is the wrong model, or it’s just missing the proprietary chip. The laptop is rejecting it.

It’s not the wrong model. It’s a replacement battery compatible with my old model.

It’s possible that the laptop is rejecting it, but it does run on the battery after it’s been turned on.

It just need the adapter for that extra boost to turn it on.

Does the laptop crash if you run a CPU stress-tester? I don’t think it’s the electricity requirements themselves.

The laptop might be checking the chip only at power-on, or just making the sensible decision of not shutting itself off once it’s already running.

Says who?

How do I run a CPU stress test?

The info printed on the battery says it’s compatible with my computer, an HP zv6000.

My old battery is a hstnn-ib02 that came with the computer.

This one say’s it’s equivalent to the hstnn-ub02, hstnn-Ib04, and hstnn-Db02

But it says it’s compatible with the HPzv6000 (my laptop) so it should work right?

So technically it doesn’t claim to be compatible?

Yes and no. It says it’s compatible with the HP zv6000 which is my computer.

The equivalent model numbers don’t match. :confused: