New charger says it's charging...but it's not.

The other day, somebody stole my charger (yes, really). So I bought a new Toshiba family charger yesterday, and went to a local Starbucks, charging my laptop up to 100% to make sure the charger worked. No problem.

Anyhow, today, my laptop was running out of battery, so I plugged the laptop in. It’s plugged in, and so the laptop’s not dying, and it says it’s “charging”…but it’s not. It’s been at 7% for the last hour or so.

I tried turning the laptop off, unplugging the charger, turning it on, and charging again. Nothing.

It could be that the charger is not strong enough, but that is more likely with an old charger than a brand new one. It also could be that your battery is defective and cannot receive a charge. Lastly, it is possible that your laptop has a setting where it does not charge when it is plugged in or when it is turned on.I know my Dell laptop has that option to prevent overcharging.

No, no, those are all highly improbable scenarios. Like I wrote, it was charging yesterday.

How about turning it off, charging it for half an hour, then turning it back on to see if it’s charged?

If you want to get down to the bottom of it, it would probably help if you gave the model# of your laptop AND the new charger. Maybe as a bonus, also include the electrical output info stated on the charger, where it mentions volts, milliamps, watts (V, mA, W), that kind of thing.

Just tried that. Nothing :frowning:

Laptop is Toshiba Satellite 755-S5216

Charger is Toshiba Family Laptop Charger with USB Power Port (Kensington). Input voltage is 100VAC-240VAC (50Hz-60Hz), 1.5A Max. Output voltage is 14-17VDC at 4.89A Max, 17-21VDC at 4.74A Max, and USB Port 5VDC at 1.0A Max. Output power is 90W Continuous.

In my long experience, using any but the original (model) charger for laptops results in problems and frustrations. It doesn’t seem to be a simple matter of matching the charge characteristics. Without exception, every general replacement (“fits these 237 Toshiba models”) or aftermarket charger is an exercise in erratic operation. I’ve tried substitute and aftermarket chargers a half-dozen times and always ended up discarding or returning them.

I don’t know why. I understand the problems from the multi-connector, proprietary charger days, but not when chargers have apparently gone to generic two-conductor power. I suggest that if the laptop is still worth it, search eBay or discount suppliers for an exact Toshiba replacement charger.

Perform a battery reset.

Yep, if the battery actually charges with the laptop turned off, but not at all (or barely) with it turned on, it looks like that adapter is probably just underpowered.

I believe this is the proper OEM adapter, with 19V x 6.3A output. But for that price, I’d just get used to charging the battery with the laptop turned off. Either that, or take the gamble with other aftermarket replacementsthat claim to provide more power.

Per these specs

AC adapter for TOSHIBA SATELLITE L755-S5216 laptop.
Volts: 19V, Watts: 120W, Amps: 6.32A

Your universal 90 watt 4.9 AMP changer appears to be substantially underpowered for this unit which has a relatively power hungry CPU. There is a 120 watt verson of the Kensington you can get or simply go on ebay and get a generic match for your unit.