Laptop question

what kind of carrying case do you have and how much did you pay for it? I’m thinking about getting a targus or samsonite:)

I am not sure of the brand name for mine. I purchased it at Target for about $15 after comparison shopping all over. Most cases are WAY overpriced. Mine has a hard shell with a removable soft case inside that can be used on its own. Target has several different very nice cases dirt cheap… compare to the $50-$100 you can spen most places.

Agreed. I purchased mine from Best Buy for $30. Works great. (Not sure what brand).

I have a Targus backpack that I use most often. Good trade off between size and capacity and it fits in airplane overhead bins.

But what I really like is my rolling catalog-case type bag. Not so good for airplanes, though, but for projects where I have a lot of paperwork or want to carry a couple books, the catalog case is best for me.

It’s an off-brand case. When I pick it up by the handle, the combination locks are holding all the weight. If I had it to do again, I would pick one with a better design that spread the load better.

I use a nice leather one, I don’t know the brandname. And I got it for free.

I always use a backpack since no one will assume there is a laptop inside and rip it off. Actual cost was $8, although that was a fluke. It holds all sorts of other stuff too.

Keep in mind that “Targus” on a bag screams “Laptop!” I suggest you get a bag that either doesn’t say “Targus” or has an easily removed logo. In fact, the less it looks like a laptop bag the better.

I purchased my WallStreet PowerBook in spring of '99. I’m on my third Targus bag now and it’s not in the best of condition, to the point that this computer will probably reside within a fourth Targus before I upgrade to a newer computer. Having said that…

• Not every laptop is going to be its owner’s primary computer, day in and day out, for five years (and counting). This particular model is marching towards obsolescence at a far slower pace than would normally be the case, due to a confluence of factors.

• Targus has made good on its lifetime warranty, although if they have a file on me they are probably not real happy about it. I bought one Targus bag and by the time this is over will have worn out four for the price of one.

• Some people buy laptops to, umm, open on their laps and run on battery as a mobile computer, and they don’t tote much more than an AC adapter around with them in their bags. Then there are nuts like me who fill their bags with: external FireWire drive, powerbrick for same, FireWire PC card, Firewire dongle and cable; External monitor PC card and carrying case with VGA adapter; ADB mouse; headphones; SCSI adapter; two stereo audio-miniplug to dual RCA adapters; 15’ CAT-5 ethernet cable; 10’ ethernet crossover cable; USB PC card and dongle; telephone line T splitter and 10’ line; Torx and combo phillips-head/flathead screwdrivers; short extension cord with two-outlet octopus; DVD-ROM expansion bay drive and PC Card DVD video decoder; Zip expansion-bay drive; spare battery; bootable CDs (MacOS 8.6, MacOS X 10.2, with disk utilities and installers); serial-to-parallel PowerPrint adapter serial printer cable; low-end video digitizer PC Card… add to all that the fact that the WallStreet isn’t a lightweight itself (I believe it weighs in at 8 pounds) and that’s a lot of stuff to be shoved into a bag and trundled around, coming and going, morning and evening, 5 days a week 52 weeks a year, plus some other intermittent journeys.

All in all, I think there are parts of the Targus that are badly designed (the metal loops that the shoulder strap connects to, and the smaller metal loops to which they link, wear out too easily; the zippers aren’t up to years of zipping and unzipping, especially the tabs which come off the zipper bodies; the sides are too soft and can rip if they snag on anything) but overall they are nice cases.

I use a boot-bag. This is basically just padding and I can throw it into any bag I am using. Works really well for me. Cost is about 10 dollars.