Laptop screen replacement?

I bought a new laptop from Gateway about 6 months ago. I love it, but I used it to replace my much smaller, more convenient, laptop. Old laptop was made by Averatec, and though I never heard of them before, the size was the selling point. It is extremely portable and even though I use my GW at home, I would like a computer for basic things such as passing time between classes, possibly taking notes, and the other neat stuff I do.

My problem is, my Averatec laptop still works, but the screen was broken during an accident involving myself, my gf, my dog, and falling down while accidentally running into the screen. The actual screen is intact, but the casing is cracked and the screen will not come on. Is there a way to replace the screen if needed? Is that possible with a laptop or no?

I will try to get my digital cam working so I can show the damage and see if that makes a difference in answers.


I get my laptop parts via eBay. Working screens are one of the harder to find replacement parts. I did a search for “Averatec” and indeed there is a lot of stuff with that brand for sale.

But …

  1. It’s eBay. Pig in a poke. Buyer beware. Especially on screens.

  2. You (or a compatriot) have to know how to replace a screen without breaking things. (You would go with replacing the whole screen/covering as a unit if possible.)

Good point. I never knew if it was a good plan to buy the parts or just replace it…but ebay has taught me some valuable lessons, especially about spending my money on it…

This part isn’t really the problem. An old friend of my father’s has a son who builds/rebuilds computers for a living, and often, has access to many others who do the same (through his work)…but getting ahold of him is a little more difficult, mostly because he lives several hours away and is somewhat of an odd guy (no phone at all…hardly checks email…talks to family once a week or so, so that is prolly my best bet…)