tell me about laptop screen replacement

do manufacturers sell replacement screens? How are those replacement screens grouped - is it by the model name, or by some larger group of models? Could you hypothetically install and make work a replacement screen that is not intended for the particular type of laptop (maybe even from the wrong manufacturer)? If you wanted to buy a replacement screen, how would you go about figuring out what and where to buy?

To find a replacement screen, you start with the laptop manufacturer & model number. The actual screen is not made by them, but by a company that specializes in component screen manufacturing (Samgsung, Sharp, & Panasonic are big ones).

The same screen made by one of them may be used in laptops from several different companies, and some common laptop screens may have several different compatible screens, from different manufacturers.

But the starting point for finding all this is the laptop maker & model number.

You need more than that, as many models may have different components used in manufacturing from time to time. As mine, a Dell, did.

best advice is to google your laptop model with “screen replacement”. You will likely find a how-to site someone did just for you! If you are lucky, even the laptop mfr. will tell you how to do it.

Then, you probably will have to take it apart, find the actual sticker on the part that needs to be replaced, and google that part number, to find out who is selling it. You are sure to find it on ebay, and on various distributor sites off of ebay.

My brilliant SO successfully replaced a Macbook screen using these instructions and other googled info:,macbook.shtml

IIRC, the actual screen part was indeed for sale but prohibitively expensive (like $200 or something) but we were able to get our hands on an old scrap computer of the same model and stripped it from there.

It was pretty delicate surgery, with a couple dozen microscopic screws to contend with, but do-able nonetheless.

I replaced my laptop screen a few months ago. I have only moderate computer skillz. Many websites such as mentioned above have tons of info on how to disassemble it, find your model # (you usually have to remove it to find the model number), and put in a new one. You can watch youtube videos showing how. I bought the actual replacement off eBay where it was much cheaper than the replacement websites, around $110.

There was a thread here a couple of months ago on this.

I got mine from They were the cheapest and provided easy directions for replacement. I also did my bosses for him. It takes about 15 minutes, tops.

All of the weird screwdrivers I own I bought to change out screens. Many models use the normal stuff, but you might need to get a Torx, Hex, or something so out there like a Tri-Wing.