Laptops: Any Warning Before Battery Quits?

Ok, Laptoppers… Do you get some kind of pop-up message to save everything before the battery quits on you?

  • Jinx

Yes. There is a low battery alarm. You can set it to alert you at any desired % of remaining capacity.

I have an old Compaq Presaio 1625. When the battery gets to 20%, the LCD battery indicator begins to blink. Within a few minutes of this, the computer “backs up” the current settings and shuts down.

When I put in a charged battery or use AC power, the computer returns to the place(s) where I left off.

YCMV (your computer may vary)

Here’s what mine looks like.

Yep. I get the screen dimming plus an initial warning when the battery is running low; then when it’s getting critical I get a much more frantic warning to finish everything I’m doing QUICKLY. Finally, it goes into sleep mode to preserve the RAM state for as long as possible, and if I can get it to an electrical source it will come out of sleep mode and brighten up; otherwise it will shut down and lose all changes / unfinished work.

PowerBook “WallStreet” '98

They are probably more sophisticated by now.

My Thinkpad has an ever-present battery gauge in the System Tray area and shows % of charge. At 10%, the gauge turns red and the laptop starts beeping madly, and at 3%, the laptop does a suspend/standby to disk and shuts off.