laptops, dual monitors, and screensavers

i’ve got a compaq cq50 laptop running windows xp hooked up to an second monitor. I’m wanting to set it up so that it is running a game on one monitor and an image slideshow/screensaver on the other. is that possible, and how would i do it? i seem to be having a bit of trouble finding this information.

I use UltraMon on a dual screen office setup with satisfaction, It will manage an array (at least 3 x 3 if not more) doing just about anything, even mirroring opposed monitors. about 30 euros to obtain after 30 day trial

Dual monitors are trivial. You’ve got that going already.

What you won’t find is a “screensaver” which just covers one monitor. The Windows innards which interface to screensavers work at the scope of the entire desktop, not the individual monitor.

What you can do is get a program which runs a full-screen slide show on one monitor. Search for “slide show” rather than “screen saver”.

I’m having a hard time understanding why you’d want to do this. If you are gaming, you’ll want maximum performance on the screen you’re looking at. A slide show on another monitor canonly hurt that video performance. And you’ll also probably score better if you don’t have anything distracting appearing from time to time on the other monitor.