Large-crystal sugar?

Sometimes I’ll get a muffin or other baked product, and it has crystals of sugar on top (clearly sprinkled on just before baking), which add a pleasant crunch and burst of sweetness.

These crystals are reasonably transparent, and perhaps a millimeter or two in size - much larger than standard granulated table sugar.

What is this sugar called, and where can I find it for home use?

The closest I’ve found is pearl sugar such as this - however, looking at the second photo (on a pretzel-shaped confection) the bits are more of a solid white - and perhaps a bit larger than I’m remembering (it’s hard to tell what size that pretzely thing is).

I’ve heard it called Large Sugar, Coarse Sugar, Sanding Sugar and Crystal Sugar. You can get it a baking supply places, sometimes craft stores like Michael’s and, of course, online.

I substitute Turbinado Sugar which is browner, but just as tasty and easier to find. Trader Joe’s brand is very good.

There’s also Demerara sugar, but that’s hard to find in stores. I substitute it with Turbinado sugar in recipes.

It is? It’s been in every supermarket I’ve been to here, and every other restaurant, pub, and café seems to have it in paper sachets for putting in your coffee. I see it more often than white sugar.


I had run into descriptions of sanding sugar but in photos like the Amazon-linked photo, it looks like the crystals are barely bigger than regular granulated. If I can find some in a baking shop that I can see firsthand, I’ll be better able to tell.

The demerara and turbinado photos actually look more like what I’m thinking of, though of course I don’t recall the baked goods’ crystals looking golden.

Turbinado sugar is the stuff found in the brown packets at coffee shops, usually called “Sugar in the Raw” or something. It’s larger-crystal sugar mixed with a little molasses, IIRC.

Try “decorating sugar” as a search option - I found stuff like this when I searched on the topic, which is what I think you’re looking for.

Ah - that looks like what I’m thinking of… not necessarily in pink, but using that term I find some Wilton products that are more of a clear / white style.

King Arthur Flour has quite a selection of sugars, I guess you can find whatever you need there =)

I would think sparkling white is what you need, it is large crystal and clear.

Where are you located? I live in Pennsylvania and have a hard time finding it, but maybe I’m not looking in the right places. Turbinado, or raw, sugar, on the other hand, is everywhere – I’m eating a plum torte with some sprinkled on top as we speak. :slight_smile: