Large earthquake in Northeast Japan

There was a large earthquake at 2:45 pm in northeast Japan.

We felt it strongly here in Tokyo, hard enough I thought the windows in the building I was walking by were going to break, so I moved out into the street.

There is an aftershock going on while I type this.

The trains are still stopped, so I won’t be going anywhere for a while.

Hope people are OK up there, it was strong, but I haven’t heard any details.

Just saw this one the news. Initial report is that it was a 7.9. :eek: There’s a tsunami warning.

Man, what is it with the earthquakes these days? :eek:

Good luck, everyone. (Don’t we have a Doper in northern Japa?)

Fox News is showing a huge fire and many, many cars in the water.

Looks pretty serious.

20 foot tsunami warnings.

Hokkaido Brit, I think.

Al-Jazeera just tweeted to say that their reporter in Beijing felt the quake. Jesus.


Huge innundation.

Just awful. There might be a serious loss of life.

Hope earthquake response teams world wide are alerted.

Yikes. Prayer is called for.


tremendous flooding, bridge collapse, cars washed away. This is a very serious, widespread quake.

Fox is interrupting regular programming and showing raw footage.

Tsunami warnings as far as Hawaii now.

from Fukuoka:

“We are ok down in Fukuoka, but a Tsunami has hit Iwate prefecture with 6 meter waves pounding the shoreline.”

Holy shit, CNN just announced that it’s been upgraded to 8.8.

It just got upgraded to an 8l8. That is huge. They are awaiting for a sunami. It is 150m killometers off Japan. 24 km deep.

Epicenter is 80 miles off shore.

One tsunami hit around 3pm

Conflicting magnitude estimates, 7.9 to 8.8. Quake is characterized as ‘shallow’ which is worse than ‘deep’

It seems they are now confirming 8.8!

This is a great quake.

It’s been upgraded to 8.8, and there are reports that a tsunami has either hit or is incoming. Tsunami Warning for Russia.


Im 1007s of miles away in Osaka and we just felt it!  Holy crap. I’m on the 14th floor and we evacuated the building. Back in now but still feel a bit queazy.

Wow. Just got home from a late night at work and was greeted with this on the news. The pictures are surreal. My thoughts are very much with anyone impacted by this.

As a lifelong Californian, the idea of a quake that size makes me want to crawl up into a hole somewhere. Gah. :frowning:

Autolycus is up that area no?

CNN just said upgraded to 8.9.

Holy crap. They felt it in Beijing.

Live news feed if you need it:

Just saw insane footage of a tsunami sweeping across Miyagi prefecture.