Lark Rise to Candeford

In a thread about Cranford (which I adore) last winter, Rayne Man recommended Lark Rise to Candleford, which I finally got around to watching. (Gonna go watch the last episode of season two right now, in fact, I think I have time before leaving for T’giving dinner.)

Netflix doesn’t have season three, and doesn’t even have it as a “pending” option, as they do with things that they’ll be getting upon release. Checked today, and it is out on DVD – at $45, which is more than I want to pay for something I’m only going to watch once (esp. season three of something I’m only going to watch once). Grr.

Would it be really nuts if I bought it, watched it, and turned around and resold it? I wouldn’t actually be out more than the cost of a rental, even if I sold it for a buck or two less than I paid …

Hm, or maybe TLA has it, I’ll check there on Monday – one of the last actual rental places in existence is a couple of blocks from where I work.