LaRouche Youth Movement, You are some G-damned SOBs!

My best friend got sucked into the LaRouche Youth Movement some years ago. Nearly two years ago, she became ill and was convinced by “the organization” to leave her child behind, and become a “savior of humanity.”

Well now she has leukemia, and nobody cares who the fuck she is. The “movement” hangs up on me when I ask for help in locating my friend and my three- year-old goddaughter.

My best friend is in hospital – either for opiate addiction from last year’s palliative care, or else because she is terminally ill.

My goddaughter is MIA.

I NEED help and all you “organization” SOB’s can do is hang up on me, even though you have more info on her than anyone in the country!

I hate you all! You goddamned “save-humanity-by-losing-your-homes” freaks!

I hope you all rot in hell! Tell me where my best friend is!

You have opened new vistas for me of people to be annoyed with.

Why couldn’t they at least pick a brainwash political party with a handsome demigod leader?

I’m sure the queen would like that.

:laughs and sobs: i dunno, hon. but it is TRAGIC to lose someone like my arnee-katfishie…

She was a wonderful person, and the world will never be right without her …

I’m sorry sweetie. Keep your chin up, though.

In my minimal experience, it seems like cult members only have the opportunity for escape when they really want it. Like quitting cigarettes or losing weight. She may come around in her own time. Hopefully, she won’t be to traumatized by the whole affair.

If you are seriously afraid for her safety, why not go to the police? Or try a civil lawyer to apply legal pressure? Slow methods, but it may be worth starting a paper trail on the cult.

Best wishes.

Thanks. My fury of last night is gone now. She’s just a girl in L. A. with no address and no cell phone. She had a cell phone until a couple of months ago and used to text me on AIM, but the phone is disconnected now.

I have no idea where she or her family is now. All I can do is wait for a phone call. :frowning:

It’s sad to watch someone grow up and defy all odds (physical abuse, rape, severe anorexia, the list goes on) only to have someone prey on their need to make a difference in the world.

If I knew where to start looking, I’d be on a plane to California.

Wow! I didn’t know those LaRouche assholes were still around! I thought LaRouche was dead (though so is L. Ron Hubbard).

I’m sorry about your friend, but there’s no point in beating yourself up over this. People join cults (of the religious or personality kind) mainly for acceptance; from your description, she sounds like a prime candidate for their coercive techniques. If it wasn’t LaRouche, it would have been something else.

I hope this turns out OK for your friend (and you), but meanwhile, carry on with your life and be thankful that you have the good sense to stay away from bullshit organizations like that.

Your friend made her own choices. You can’t just blame the organization. Anyone who abandons her own child because some political organization or cult tells her to has a whole bunch of moral culpability all her own. “Wonderful people” don’t do that.

They are. :mad: I got a special booklet from them last election, stuffed under my windshield wiper. It gave me great pleasure to ceremonially throw it in the trash.

I agree about the whole leaving her child thing. I could NEVER do it. But she was convinced that her cancer and her unstable living conditions warranted leaving her daughter with her grandmother.

But this abandonment, well it’s not my friend’s fault at all. She was on death watch after she was given chemo a few hours before the doctors discovered that she had severe pneumonia. Palliative care can create an addict rather quickly.

I ASSUME that she is in rehab, though I can’t be certain until I hear from her.

I did, however, get a call last night from a friend of hers. He’s in the “organization” but isn’t quite as psychologically connected to it as most members are. He looked through his address book and found five phone numbers for me that might lead to my friend.

I’m going to call them tonight.

Good luck. Let us know how it turns out. I’m worried.