Larry David on Seinfeld

Moments where Larry was seen or heard.

“Is anyone here a marine biologist?”
George Steinbrenner
Guy on plane who forgot he ordered the kosher meal
Caped guy on street?

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Istr hearing his voice as a guy working a newsstand once.

He did the voice of Newman in the first episode with Newman where he was only heard. But Wayne Knight re-recorded the line for reruns.

He was the Greenpeace guy in the inflatable boat who said he’d deliver the former head of NBC’s message to Elaine.

He’s the guy in that cheap sci-fi movie – “LOOK, Sigmund! Look in ze SKY: ze planets are on FIRE! It is just as you PROPHESIED: ze planets of our solar system, INCINERATING! Like FLAMING GLOBES, Sigmund! Like FLAMING GLOBES!” – which a sleepy Jerry jots down indecipherable notes about.

He’s a voice at a dinner table at the Chinese Restaurant when Elaine is trying to win a bet with Jerry.

Good one!

On the street? He showed up to talk down a woman on the edge of a roof in The Chinese Woman.

In The Pilot episode, in addition to a man on the raft, he also voiced John John in bed with the (former) virgin. One of at least 3 episodes where he did double duty including The Finale.

Oh, that was a hilarious and surreal scene!

I believe he did the voice of the dog (Farfle?) in the episode where Jerry was dog-sitting.

Couple more…

[li]When Jerry’s car gets stolen and he calls his car phone, Larry is the voice of the thief.[/li][li]When George is seen on TV at a tennis match, making a mess eating an ice cream, Larry is the voice of the announcer. "“Hey buddy, they got a new invention. It’s called a napkin!”[/li][li]Larry is seen assisting the surgeon in ‘The Junior Mint.’[/li][li]In the Finale, when the gang goes to prison and Jerry is doing his stand-up act for the inmates, Larry is the voice of the heckler: “You suck! I’m gonna cut you!”[/li][/ul]

In “The Trip: Part 2” from season four, when the police come to Kramers tiny apartment to arrest him, for being the serial killer, when the camera shows the group outside his door all looking at him, Larry is in the bottom right.

This is the one I immediately thought of.

Another one: When Kramer gets arrested in L.A. for being a serial killer, Larry’s in the background.

Damn, Larry David is one of those people that look middle-aged their entire life. Sucks when you’re twenty but rules when you’re seventy.

He was in 38 different Seinfeld episodes as an actor, says: Larry David - IMDb

A list of them all:

[spoiler]George Steinbrenner / Subway Announcer / Prisoner / …

  • The Finale (1998) … George Steinbrenner / Prisoner (voice, uncredited)
  • The Muffin Tops (1997) … George Steinbrenner (voice, uncredited)
  • The Millennium (1997) … George Steinbrenner (voice, uncredited)
  • The Nap (1997) … George Steinbrenner (voice, uncredited)
  • The Bottle Deposit (1996) … George Steinbrenner (voice, uncredited)
  • The Calzone (1996) … George Steinbrenner (voice, uncredited)
  • The Wig Master (1996) … Police Officer (voice, uncredited)
  • The Caddy (1996) … George Steinbrenner (voice, uncredited)
  • The Gum (1995) … Newstand Owner (uncredited)
  • The Hot Tub (1995) … George Steinbrenner (voice, uncredited)
  • The Wink (1995) … George Steinbrenner (voice, uncredited)
  • The Understudy (1995) … Man at Softball Game (voice, uncredited)
  • The Jimmy (1995) … George Steinbrenner (voice, uncredited)
  • The Switch (1995) … Man on the Street (voice, uncredited)
  • The Race (1994) … George Steinbrenner (voice, uncredited)
  • The Secretary (1994) … George Steinbrenner (voice, uncredited)
  • The Chinese Woman (1994) … Man with Cape (uncredited)
  • The Opposite (1994) … George Steinbrenner (voice, uncredited)
  • The Fire (1994) … Comedy Club M.C. (voice, uncredited)
  • The Raincoats (1994) … Airport Announcer (voice, uncredited)
  • The Stand-In (1994) … Soap Opera Director (voice, uncredited)
  • The Marine Biologist (1994) … Man on Beach (voice, uncredited)
  • The Dinner Party (1994) … Saddam Hussein (voice, uncredited)
  • The Cigar Store Indian (1993) … Subway Announcer (voice, uncredited)
  • The Lip Reader (1993) … Sports Commentator / Limo Dispatcher (voice, uncredited)
  • The Pilot (1993) … John F. Kennedy Jr. / Man on Raft #1 (uncredited)
  • The Movie (1993) … Character in Checkmate (voice, uncredited)
  • The Pick (1992) … Office Worker (voice, uncredited)
  • The Airport (1992) … Kosher Meal Passenger (voice, uncredited)
  • The Pitch (1992) … Offstage Voice (voice, uncredited)
  • The Trip: Part 2 (1992) … Man in Hallway (uncredited)
  • The Parking Space (1992) … Boxing Referee on TV (voice, uncredited)
  • The Subway (1992) … Subway Announcer (voice, uncredited)
  • The Alternate Side (1991) … The Car Thief (voice, uncredited)
  • The Pen (1991) … Heckler (voice, uncredited)
  • The Chinese Restaurant (1991) … Man at Table (voice, uncredited)
  • The Heart Attack (1991) … Screaming B-movie Actor (uncredited)
  • The Revenge (1991) … Newman (voice, uncredited)

This is probably my favorite line of the whole series, and I did not know it was Larry! :smack:

Threadkiller! :slight_smile:

Well, I did put it in a spoiler box…

I knew that Larry David played Steinbrenner, but it was never clear to me if he was just doing the voice or if he was also the actor that we only saw the back of.

“Flaming Globes of Sigmund” is probably one of my favorite Larry David moments.

He refused to take a bill from George because George had drawn lips on the president on the bill.