Seinfeld Challenge - Name 100 Characters

Since my Simpsons’ character thread was such a hit, I thought I would do the same thing with my second favorite TV comedy of all time, Seinfeld. Once again, the challenge is to name at least 100 characters that have appeared on Seinfeld. They can be regulars, recurring roles, one-time shots, guest appearances, and even unseen characters that the other characters refer to. The catch once again is that nobody can identify more than one character in this thread. Finally, to make the thread more entertaining to read, try to include a quote from the character you identify, if possible. Once again, I will start:

**David Puddy ** (“It feels like an Arby’s night”.)


Babu Bhaat (“Very very bad”)


Dolores – whose name rhymes with… Lavoris, the mouthwash. :smiley:

Frank Costanza.

“You wanna piece of me?”

Lloyd Braun

Bob Sacamamo. Does he count-- he’s never shown but often discussed.

My friend, Bob Sacamano, can get you one of those.

According to the OP, it counts!

George Steinbrenner

Slippery Pete

Yeah, I hate the name too. That’s one of the things we argue about.

Bubble Boy “No–it says Moops.”

The Soup Nazi!

No soup for…


Calvin Klein

You’re very lithe, aren’t you? Very graceful.

Joe Mayo

That crazy Joe Devola.

Sidra (played by Teri Hatcher): “They’re real, and they’re spectacular.


“Hey, look at George. He’s givin’ it to T-bone. He’s jumpin’ up and down like some kind of monkey. Hey, what was the name of that monkey that could read sign language?”

Larry David appeared as a Spaceman in a movie being shown on TV.

George said that, btw, not B-B.

He also did the voice of George Steinbrenner.