Larry King asks Massa "Are you gay", Massa (kinda) answers

So, Larry King asked former Rep. Massa if he’s gay — a fair question, IMO, considering there’s questions of his conduct around male staffers and whether it’s inappropriate, yet he’s also married.

Now to me, there are basically approx. 2 answers to that question. And neither of them involve “ask the guys I served with in the Navy. Ask my kids.”

Was it an appropriate question? Was it an appropriate answer?

I thought ‘I’m not going to answer that’ was a fair answer.

I can think of at least three legit answers: “yes,” “no,” and “I don’t want to talk about my personal life/none of your business.” His answer is incoherent because he’s trying to say all three of them at the same time. That’s kind of cool because I’ve never seen it before. The ‘ask my family and Navy friends’ implies “no,” the ‘this insults every gay American by classifying people’ implies “yes,” and the ‘I’m not going to answer that’ part means “none of your business.”

Two other funny things happen here: he responds to the question “are you gay?” by saying ‘ask the 10,000 people I served with in the Navy.’ Those of us with a decent sense of irony would never say that. And Massa also managed to get zinged by Larry King, and I did not think was possible. Specifically Massa gets offended and says “why would you even ask that?” and King replies, rather sensibly, “Because you said you groped someone. Who is male.”

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I just saw this on the news. I’m no body language expert, but he contorted is face in a very weird way that had “yes” written all over it.

Or “I’m bi.”

Really, if he says anything other than a firm no, the answer is yes. For that matter, even if he gives a firm no, the answer could still be yes.

I was counting that under “no.” But I think Massa answered the question. He just didn’t mean to. :wink:

I like this anecdote about walking in on his roomate choking the chicken while he was in the Navy.:

Good thing he decided not to embarrass the guy.

In case anybody doesn’t know, offering to help another guy jerk off is gay. Even staying in the same room is gay. The normal straight guy thing to do would be to stammer some kind of apology, slam the door shut and sprint away from the room.

He also says he told a male staffer, “I want to frack you.” I’m told that “frack” means fuck in Klingon or something. It sure sounds gay, whatever it means. I’m going to go ahead and guess that he’s gay. Going around offering to give dudes hand jobs and saying you want to fuck them is kind of gay.

I don’t think he’s been hypocritical, though, has he? Isn’t he basically pro-gay rights?

Sorry, but I’m still having a hard time getting past the fact that his name is Massa.

Me too. Good thing he’s gone away.

That would be particularly odd if he were a submissive.

Some people still have trouble coming out. If he wasn’t gay, I see no reason why he wouldn’t give a flat-out no. He dances around the question like a true politician.

Battlestar Galactica.

Not necessarily. I was asked that question once, and I was sufficiently irritated by the interrogator and her reasons that I refused to answer anything other than “none of your business.” The interrogator then assumed I was gay, until the other women in our group pointed out what a objectifying, leering pig I was. “Oh, good grief,” Ruby said, “he’s staring at your breasts right now!”

Would Larry King ask someone who groped female staffers if they were straight? He’s interviewed hundred of people has he ever asked anyone if they were straight?

The problem is he shouldn’t be groping anyone. Larry King was fair in asking Massa if he was gay but only because people watching have an interest in that answer. That says more about our society then about King or Massa.

I’d hope we could get to a point were people cared more about the fact Massa was groping people then the sex or sexuality of anyone involved.

I imagine he would if he was interviewing someone who had been publicly identifying as gay.

Shouldn’t that be “gwine away”?

If he were interviewing a woman who was married to a man? Yes, he might ask if she were straight. If he were interviewing a straight man who allegedly groped a woman, the question wouldn’t make any sense.

I suspect he has asked every stupid question you could think of on dozens of occasions.

That’s got to be tough for black staffers:

“Congressman, you have a meeting at 10:30.”

“Please, call me Massa.”

“Congressman, you have a meeting at 10:30.”

I think “Ask the guys I served with In The Navy” was a bit of a give-away, actually.