Larry screwed up what could have been a good/decent interview

Any of you watched the McCartney interview yesterday on Larry King? Larry screwed up a number of times, especially when he asked Macca if the Beatles split had had a significant impact on their performance on stage, or words to that effect. The Beatles split up in 1970; their last live performance was in San Francisco, in 1966. Several plays on words he simply didn’t get (or had no reaction to whatsoever): at one point, McCartney said he was going to perform with Paul Simon. He added: ‘It’s not a double bill, it’s a double Paul’ (you could almost hear the BADABING in the background, but it seemed to fly waaay over Larry’s head). Asked questions McCartney had given answers to a few seconds before, etc. Then there was the (gentle?) prodding on Harrison’s health.

McCartney’s girlfriend seemed a bit standoffish to me but reacted quite appropriately to certain of King’s questions (the aftermath of the dinner at the restaurant, for one).

All in all, a ‘decent’ interview that could have been much better. King’s reputation as an interviewer is a bit overdone, in my opinion. Nothing compared to Barbara Walters, but still…