Lasagna Cat: Musical Tributes to Garfield (bizarre online videos)

Why is Garfield such an endless source of bizarre Internet humor? Is it its mediocrity? Its lack of humor? Another synonym? Or is it just that the world has a thing for orange cats? Whatever the reason, unusual Garfield-based humor rarely fails to disappoint, and *Lasagna Cat is no exception.

Lasagna Cat is a series of videos supposedly paying tribute to the comedic genius Jim Davis, but in reality appears to be making fun of the general unfunniness of the Garfield strip. Each video opens with a faithful (?) recreation of an actual Garfield strip, followed by a short music video which usually (but not always) has something to do with the strip. What makes these work? I think it might be the over-the-top silliness combined with how creepy yet lovable the Garfield costume is. And the creepy picture of Jim at the end of each video helps, too.

Here are some of my favorites:

Final Fantasy
What they do for fun down South
OK, this one is just creepy
You cannot eat a purse
The Critics Speak This is by far the funniest one. The real reviews are set up in a hilarious fashion. I especially love the quotes from The New York Times. USA Today, and IMDb.

Just discovered this today (thanks to and thought about making a thread here. You beat me to it, but wow, this is hilarious stuff… so unlike the actual Garfield strips!

On how many levels does this prove that timing is everything?

Dunno if it’s been mentioned on the boards here, but for lovers of Garfield parody, the Barfield saga is well worth your time. (google “Barfield Loses His Lunch”)

Yeah, the Barfield strips are part of the other Garfield spoofs I was mentioning (including the Garfield Randomizer and the trend of removing Garfield’s thought bubbles, which somehow actually makes the strip funnier). I’m not sure why Garfield leads to great humor, but I think it may have something to do with the fact that Garfield is a cat who says funny things.

n/m, missed the timestamp on the OP.

That Final Fantasy one is brilliant.

Enjoy this while you can, folks. Mr. Davis is well lawyered up after the Garfield Randomizer incident of 2005 proved that the strip is funnier all mixed up than the way its creator intends. The Randomizer was crushed out of existence; Lasagna Cat will follow.

Those lasagna cat videos are quite addictive.

Another level in Garfield hilarity, removing Garfield from the strip entirely.

Curse you, mobo85! I’m spending way too much time on YouTube! Now it’s Garfield parodies. Last night it was Chinese maglev videos. Before that it was Boney M., Cocteau Twins, and This Mortal Coil! Before that it was n-dimensional topology and Legos! Before that it was railway crossings! Aaarrgghh! I need sleep!