LASIK @ Home

From the SD main page, Weird Earls:

Someone please tell me this is a joke site. It doesn’t indicate that anywhere on the web site that I can find. There is the “This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA” disclaimer at the bottom of the instructions page. Wouldn’t something like this be akin to a “home heart surgery” kit or something of that nature? How can this be legal? I guess if it does nothing and cannot be dangerous in it’s use then it would be no different then me selling a placebo that poses no health risk.


It’s a joke, if for no other reason than the order page brings back an error.

Well, theT-Shirts are real; I may have to get one for my next ophthalmologist appointment.

ETA: Yes, it’s a hoax.

Good, but not quite as clever as this site

i TrIeD iit ANd tHINk ALl wEntT wElL.

I really like that. I think I’ve found my new business oppurtunity And Little Rock Air Force base is so close.