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Encounters of Sherlock Holmes [Paperback] [Feb 19, 2013] Mann, George

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Shockingly Close to the Truth : Confessions of a Grave-Robbing Ufologist [Hardcover] [Jul 01, 2002] Moseley, James W. and Pflock, Karl T.

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Concept Aircraft: Prototypes, X Planes and Experimental Aircraft (Aviation Factfile) [Jul 31, 2005] Winchester, Jim

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Totally Spies! Season 2 Box Set [DVD] [2002]

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The Rocket’s Shadow (A Rick Brank Electronic Adventure) [Hardcover] [Jan 01, 1947] Blaine, John

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An Unofficial History of Disney’s Haunted Mansion (Trade edition)

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Archie Comics Stuff!

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Archie #646 Pepoy Variant Cover [Comic] [Jan 01, 2013] Andrew Pepoy,204,203,200.jpg

World of Archie Double Digest 28 [Single Issue Magazine] [Jan 01, 2013] Various,204,203,200.jpg

Archie #647 [Comic] [Jan 01, 2013] Steven Scott and Dan Parent REVERSEDALE ISSUE,204,203,200.jpg

Archie #646 Pepoy Variant Cover [Comic] [Jan 01, 2013] Andrew Pepoy 50s comics tribute cover,204,203,200.jpg
Batman Versus the Joker (Caped Crusader Classics) [Aug 01, 1988] Bob Kane British reprint, B&W, of Silver Age Batman Stories,204,203,200.jpg

Archie #636 Transgender Role Reversal Issue Variant Cover Edition [Comic] [Jan 01, 2012] Tania Del Rio and Gisele Lagace,204,203,200.jpg

World of Archie Double Digest Magazine (No. 13) [Single Issue Magazine] [Jan 01, 2011] Various,204,203,200.jpg

Archie’s Weird Mysteries #21 [Comic] [Jan 01, 2002] Paul Castiglia and Fernando Ruiz,204,203,200.jpg

Betty & Veronica Digest #191 (The Archie Library) [Comic] [Jan 01, 2009] Archie Comics,204,203,200.jpg

BETTY AND VERONICA DOUBLE DIGEST NO. 148 MARCH 2007 [Paperback] [Jan 01, 2007] Archie Comics
No image available

Archie’s Pals ‘N’ Gals #138 [Paperback] [Jan 01, 2009] various,204,203,200.jpg

Tales From Riverdale Digest (2005 series) #37 [Comic] [Jan 01, 2005] Archie Comics,204,203,200.jpg

World of Archie Double Digest (2010 series) #11 [Comic] [Jan 01, 2010] Archie Comics,204,203,200.jpg

World of Archie Double Digest (2010 series) #10 [Comic] [Jan 01, 2010] Archie Comics,204,203,200.jpg
Betty & Veronica Digest No 187 (The Archie Digest Library, 187) [Unknown Binding] [Jan 01, 2008] Goldwater,204,203,200.jpg

Bringing Up Father, Starring Maggie and Jiggs [Hardcover] [Jan 01, 1973] George McManus; Herb Galewitz and Don Winslow
Johnny Comet [Jun 01, 1990] Frazetta, Frank; DePaolo, Peter and Baldwin, Earl
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