Last food you threw away after one bite?

First some ground rules: it must actually be a foodstuff, and the reason can’t be because it had gone stale / been dropped on the floor / had a bug on it etc: I mean because you found the food intrinsically unpalatable.

For me, the most recent one was just some candy which appeared to be biscuits in white chocolate, but which was suspiciously cheap.
Turned out the biscuit was just caramelized sugar, and the chocolate was just fat. And I mean, I know “white chocolate” is essentially just fat, but this fat had no taste or sweetness whatsoever, and lined the roof of my mouth in such a way I eventually resorted to wiping it off with a tissue.

Before that the only thing that comes to mind is a sweet sponge cake that had chunks of ham and gel-like fat inside (at least this kind of fat was easy to spit out).

Tortellini with pesto sauce.

Oh, it’s not that I don’t like tortellini with pesto sauce, but I think this may have actually been vulcanized rubber in green dirt sauce. The cafeteria where I work doesn’t have too many Michelin stars.

Cheap Retsina wine.

Tasted like nail remover.

On my trip to the UK, I decided to try haggis. I forced myself to swallow one bite, and threw the rest out. Then I saw some vegetarian haggis for sale. It was just as vile.

I can count on one hand the number of foods I don’t like. Two of them are haggis.

An order of enchiladas from my favorite Mexican place. I had ordered cheese enchiladas and they gave me chicken enchiladas instead.

It was a sandwich from a machine. I was traveling and desperate. It wasn’t spoiled, it was just awful. Ham and cheese. How can you ruin ham and cheese? 2 slice bread, ham cheese. It’s impossible to ruin!

I also once got food poisoning from a meal I bought in a grocery store deli and had to stay an extra day in a strange city. My agency tried to stick me with the bill, but by God I know the government travel regulations, they had to pay for the extra day. Anyway, the food tasted fine, yet I still got laying on the bathroom floor ill. You can never tell.

Last time I tried some yoghurt. Took one bite, almost hurled. I think it was Danon vanilla. It hadn’t gone bad, I just hate yoghurt.

I can’t fathom why people are so enthused over what tastes like rotten milk to me, but if they like it, hey, more power to them.

How about one sip? They screwed up my drink at Starbucks and added something containing sucralose. Sucralose is vile and my stomach reacts violently. Straight into the garbage.

Last I can remember was at a breakfast buffet in London this summer I accidentally took some water from the carbonated tap. Blech, so bitter! Couldn’t stand more than a sip.

A friend of mine invited me to a wine-throwing-away party, where bottles of wine discovered in her attic were being sampled before she moved house. Some of them were amazingly disgusting - a few didn’t even make it into my mouth because just the smell was so awful, but most of them made it to one sip before being spat back and tossed. We had great fun tipping bad old wine down the sink.

I was at the liquor store a few weeks ago. I asked one of the ladies there to recommend a good red wine. The lady became very animated and swore up and down that this was the best red wine ever!
So I bought it and went home only to find that the “red wine” was both overly sweet and carbonated!

God I was pissed!

A poor quality pork pie.
If I bite into something like that and there’s a crunchy bit or a big blob of rubbery mass I remember what actually goes into these things and into the bin it goes while I try not to hurl.

I was really hungry, so I decided to try some poutine. I threw it away after a couple of bites, because I was completely full. Jesus, you crazy Québécoisian bastards.

Arctic Zero frozen dessert. Tastes like something scraped off the sides of a dirty freezer that hasn’t been defrosted since 1960. I used to think it was impossible for ice cream (or ice cream like foods) to be inedible. Now I believe.

I didn’t feel like waiting in line at the deli, so I bought a package of Oscar Mayer ham instead. I bit into a sandwich made with it and threw the whole thing away. It was like hunks of fat and rubber held together by a web of gristle :eek:

A pumpkin pie from a local grocery store. Didn’t throw it away, took it back and got my money returned. The gal at customer service said they have had a number of the pies returned.

I didn’t actually spit it out, but only out of politeness. My Chinese PhD student invited me to his parents’ home for dinner. They had emigrated when he was in HS, but were educated Taiwanese who spoke English well. I didn’t realize that if you clean your plate, they will simply bring more food. Nearly everything was quite delicious and I kept cleaning my plate and Ms. C. kept going back for more food, until…she brought out the sea cucumbers. Ugh.

But I didn’t clean my plate.

There are not many foods I dislike. Once when I was in Japan, I even tried blowfish (boring without the poison on it, which is done only in special restaurants), raw horse (tasty enough but not that different from raw beef, which I love), raw chicken (marinated in a soy sauce, delicious).

In the frozen food section of a local grocery store I saw a knockoff of the McRib sandwich. Heat-and-eat it was supposed to be, but in my case heat-eat-tastes-like-feet-and-delete.

I ordered a burger in Chicago many years ago. By some huge oversight, I ordered something that had chopped green olives on it like a relish. If you made a list of the 25 things I will not eat under any circumstances, green olives would be on the top of the list. I took one bite, knew something had gone terribly wrong, and couldn’t eat any more of it.

It’s been decades. I never, as a matter or principle, buy anything I won’t eat, and I am very diligent about making sure leftovers get eaten. I take my trash out about once a week or two, there is never food in it. I eat apple cores and banana peels. My trash might contain chicken bones, corn cobs, onion skins.

In the past year, I’ve eaten street-stall food in Somalia, Georgia, Sri Lanka, Kyrgyzstan, Cambodia, Brunei, and I cleaned up my plate every time.