What was the last thing you ate that you swear made you sick and could you ever eat it again?

Fresh strawberries and vanilla yogurt. Which I’d eaten many times and enjoyed. I went home from work early and stayed in bed with the bucket all day and that night.

Tried to eat it again, and just couldn’t.

Chicken fried rice. Apparently it is something of a thing of its own ( I had the ‘emetic’ version - it was a sudden onset and violently unpleasant ). Although the poisoning was almost surely due to the rice, for many years I had a strong aversion not to fried rice but rather to processed chicken like in that low-rent version I had. I still mostly avoid the stuff now, though it doesn’t automatically make me nauseous anymore.

I also don’t touch ‘vegetable thin’ crackers or drink gin after a bad episode ( both were involved ) in my teens. Actually I don’t even know if they still make those crackers.


Goose liver

Turkey. Stored at room temperature for six or seven hours and then heated up again. The smell…


The smell used to make me nauseous; I’ve outgrown (or outlasted) that phase, but the thought of actually tasting it is repulsive.

Undercooked hamburger about a month and a half ago. I have eaten a hamburger since then, but not many, and I really, really hoped it was well-cooked when I ate it.

Honey mustard pretzels, and no, I don’t eat them any more. After I eat them, I get a headache and throw up. Every single time. It took me awhile to give them up because I liked them so much (still do), but I’ve eaten them 3-4 times in the 10 years since the first episode and the failure rate is 100%. And it’s gotten worse. I used to be able to eat half a bag before throwing up, now it’s down to like 2 pretzels before the warning wave of nausea hits. I’m assuming I’m intolerant to one of the ingredients in the honey mustard powder, because I don’t have trouble with plain pretzels.

Shrimp. My sad lost love. I got some by accident on a pizza a while back, and had the opportunity to cancel plans, lay in some Gatorade, and download a good book for the subsequent hours in the bathroom.

It was almost worth it. I really, really miss shrimp.

Luckily nothing eaten. I don’t have any foods that repulse me. But tequila. I was once sick after a Mexican meal that we followed with a few tequilas, which at the time I loved. I was violently ill later that night and my brain blamed the tequila. Never had it again and don’t think I could.

My wife once became terribly ill while we sitting around waiting for our order in a Thai restaurant. Our food hadn’t even arrived and so she hadn’t eaten one bite. However the association with the smells of Thai food made it impossible for her to eat it again.

My brother used to drink Earl Grey tea. One day he was drinking a cup and was stricken by a tremendous migraine. Now he can’t stand to be in a room where someone else is drinking Earl Grey.

I recall reading years ago that this whole response is one of the most primitive reflexes we have and is at such a low level of brain function that it is often futile attempting to overcome it.

I’ve got three items that made me sick/avoid in differing amounts.

  1. In the 90’s I worked at a pizza hut, everybody partied together. So we always took home food (usually last minuet orders, conveniently:cool: not picked up) and partied and ate.
    One night we took home a few pizzas and a few boxes of wings. I don’t usually eat wings (taste good/hate mess and lack of meat) this night after gettin good and drunk and stoned I started in on them, they looked pink in the centers, but I said screw it…BAD MOVE. Violently ill for 3 days, puking/shitting/shaking/fever the whole 9 yards.
    I have never had wings again.:smiley:

  2. @ 16 I drank a bunch of dad’s scotch, got good and sick. I still can’t smell the stuff without gagging. But only scotch. Bourbon is fine, but no scotch

  3. 10 years ago my then wife and I went to boston lobster fest in Orlando (100 mi drive) We got a good case of the munchies on the way.:cool: I have NEVER stuffed myself like that before or since. I ate so much I actually puked in the bushes on the way to the car (not my best moment).
    I couldn’t look at ANY seafood for about 2 years. No shrimp, lobster, crab nuttin.

Not the last thing, but the strongest thing: Blackberry Brandy. When I was 15 or so, I was at a friend’s house for an unauthorized party and in the shenanigans, tore a bunch of ligaments in my right foot. Of course, a bunch of teenagers were not about to call for help when there was an unauthorized party going on, and I couldn’t (and didn’t want to) walk home…so they carried me to the couch, put some ice on my foot and got me drinking Blackberry Brandy until it didn’t hurt anymore.

(Kids…this is why your parents are such uptight worrywarts. We know what you’re up to, because we were once the idiots.)

The predictable hurling did eventually ensue, and a quarter of a century later the smell of Blackberry Brandy makes my stomach turn and my foot twinge in nostalgic angst.

The last thing is a chicken burrito from a particular restaurant that gave me gastroenteritis. One of those times where it didn’t smell quite right, but I decided to live adventurously and keep eating. Bad idea. And no, I don’t order from them any more. I still eat chicken burritos, but I don’t trust their food handling procedures.

McDonald’s hamburger.

Friend/Roommate and I had a wedding to attend, and were both ravenously hungry. We only had time to stop at McDonald’s and scarf it down back at home while getting ready.

It hit me as soon as I stood up–a need to defecate more urgently than I had ever experienced in my 23 years. My buddy was in the shower and I did not want to drop the deuce with him in the room. So, I ran to my room, grabbed a paper bag, and dropped it in there. I cleaned up thoroughly and was good to go, but that was my last ever McDonald’s burger (it was a Big Mac).

A roast beef sandwich from Hardees, over 20 years ago. It took me years to stop getting queasy every time I saw one of their red and yellow signs.

A banana, almost 50 years ago. I still can’t stand the smell of bananas.

Tequila. Yeuuuch.

Other than that I’ve never associated being sick with the food I had.

I got sick last time I had Domino’s pizza, something I usually really enjoy (I have simple tastes). For various other reasons (opportunity, distance from store, etc) I haven’t had one since then, but whenever I see a Domino’s store the memory of the food poisoning is forefront. I miss it, too.

Scotch and coke with a heath bar back in '82. The predictable happened, but being an alki I blamed the heath bar rather than the scotch and coke.

Southern Comfort. 1977. Haven’t touched it since and I doubt I ever could.

For me it was a veggie burrito from a local small chain. Seemed fine to me. My husband had a chicken burrito. I’m the one who got sick, from both ends, all day the following day. So I don’t know if I could eat it again, but I haven’t tried and stopped getting burritos there.

My childhood vomiting after eating (as part of a reuben and onion rings lunch) onions and rye bread has taken years to very gently chip away at; I haven’t really bothered working on the rye bread, but with very gradual exposure (starting with things like garlic chives and shallots) and small chopping/well-cooked food, I’m up to being able to eat food with small-diced well-cooked onions in it, and even ate a small fried onion ring. Still can’t handle raw, the sulfurous flavor is just so obnoxious to me.

I don’t remember the date that clearly but it was in the late 1960s and I haven’t gotten over it yet. I wouldn’t drink that slop for money.