Last name Yost?

What nationality is the last name of “Yost”? Russian?

I’ve got a Yost in the residential division. If I see her in the office I’ll ask her.

Here’s something from Yost/Jost Family History:

Here’s another take on it, from The Yost Family WEB Pages:

From the family “Yost” tree i have mansged to get back to 1777 where, it, read that the “Yosts” were German jews and persecuted. Weslian ( a Christian group) took Jews to the UK, Russsia and America and converted us on the way.

This thread is 16 years old, but thanks for the information.

His answer was yust in time!

I’d think Yost was originally Jost and either German or Dutch.

astro is certainly taking his time asking that lady.

I don’t recall seeing this thread in 2001, so I’ll post this now.

I don’t recall ever coming across the name “Yost.” However, the ophthalmologist who fixed my torn retina last year is named “Jost,” which he pronounces with the “Y” sound.

How do you pronounce your first name? “Yay”? :smiley:

For many years, we in Canada had the pleasure of listening to the affable Elwy Yost. He was a lovely gentleman. From Wikipedia:

“Elwy McMurran Yost, CM (July 10, 1925 – July 21, 2011) was a television host, best known for hosting CBC Television’s weekday Passport to Adventure series from 1965 to 1967, and TVOntario’s weekday Magic Shadows, from 1974 until the mid-1980s, and Saturday Night at the Movies from 1974 to 1999.”

It goes on to say that Elwy’s father was a pickle manufacturer who would give young Elwy a dime to go to the movies, on the condition that he review it for the whole family when he got home.

This may not explain the origin of his name but this thread brought back warm memories of Mr. Yost, the friendly host.

I just realized that this post was in the General Questions forum, and thus deserved a factual answer and not my above ramblings. I’m sorry!

Not even the lead singer for these guys?

I’m wondering if this guy shared the name.

He must have gotten [del]yost[/del] lost.

Reminds me of a joke I heard yesterday:

Interviewer: Your resume’ looks great, people here like you, but one thing, there is a hole of about four years that’s not accounted for - where were you?

Applicant: I was at Yale.

I: Great - you’re hired!

A: Yay! I have a yob!

Eddie Yost played third base for the Washington Senators as I was growing up(1950s). He was the leadoff batter, led the league in walks most years, and hit nearly .300
every year… Memorable guy on a team of losers.