Last Night's (Tuesday, 11/2/99) Programming on ABC - What Happened??????

7:00 “Spin City” Nothing unusual.

7:30 “It’s Like, You Know” Nothing unusual.

8:00 1 1/2 minutes of “Dharma and Greg,” 15 secons of a blank screen, and then A RERUN OF HOME IMPROVEMENT???


What the hell was that all about? If they’re going to show reruns, can they not at least show reruns OF A SHOW THAT IS STILL ON THE AIR?!?

TV Guide listed “Home Improvement” in the 8:00 and 8:30 time slots, but I had figured it was a printing error.

Sounds like a local affiliate problem. The LA affiliate went through the ABC schedule with nary a problem.

Man, that sux. You missed a great episode of Sports Night. What city do you live in?

I didn’t watch or hae any idea of any of the shows on, but is it possible there was something objectionable to the local citizenry (thinking bible belt here) that was protested?
Just a random thought.

Well, shut my mouth. It’s also illegal to put squirrels down your pants for the purposes of gambling.

ABC is already shooting themselves in the foot on Tuesdays by pre-empting the new NYPD Blues in favor of that chick-flick dog’s breakfast Once and Again.
GOOD job, ABC; one more pair of eyes lost.

There was no particular reason why “Sports Night” would have been pre-empted locally. There wasn’t anything scandalous in it. It could be that the local affiliate thinks that reruns of “Home Improvement” would get better ratings than “Sports Night.”
If the affiliate is not owned by ABC, it doesn’t have to show what ABC has scheduled.

WJLA (ABC, Washington DC) really flubbed last night as well. They originally scheduled “Best of the Best” w/Eric Roberts and Christopher Penn. But when ABC came up with new shows for last night, they still showed BotB. It really pissed off one radio show host, cuz Sports Night was one of his favorite shows. And SN won’t be back until maybe December.

I get the St. Louis affiliates for all five (six?) networks, including ABC. They show “Norm,” arguably one of the most vulgar shows on network TV, so I don’t think “Dharma”" & “Sports Night” were pre-empted due to content.

BTW, what happened on “Dharma & Greg”?

Last night on “Dharma & Greg”:
Greg, in an attempt to find a new career, decides on becoming a golf pro. To help him, his father gets him a job in Scotland. Dharma doesn’t want to move and aims to sabotage the plan.
Wacky hijinks ensue.

You were watching a blank screen (or, worse, Dharma and Greg) instead of BUFFY???

I had never actually seen Dharma and Greg until last night. I didn’t watch all of it but the plot seemed to revolve around her breast size and a leaky water filled bra. In one scene Greg and… - the other guy - each fondled Dharma’s breasts to evaluate size. I wasn’t offended but I thought it was a bit bold for network TV. I’d guess that’s what got everyone’s panties in a bunch.

That wasn’t Dharma and Greg, that was Will and Grace. I can see how you may have been confused.

Everything got shown here in upstate NY. I watched the tape this morning. As for “Sports Night”, a Y2K test fails and knocks out power, Dana still wants Casey to date other women and Dan goes on a ‘date’ with a psychiatrist. It wasn’t as good as last weeks episode, but I still think it’s the best 1/2 hour show on TV.

Thanks again, DOPEy friends, for your help. You can rest assured that KDNL-TV Channel 30 in St. Louis will be getting a strongly-worded letter about their scandalous programming decisions. If any of you want to write to them on behalf of your old pal rasta, feel free.

funeefarmer - Still got that tape? I can cut a check…

I think I should just stop watching network TV altogether.

Sounds like a technical glitch to me. Most likely the network satellite feed became botched up somehow and the master control operator (the guy/gal who plays the programs and commercials) simply cued up a couple of “Home Improvements” they had lying around to fill the otherwise dead air.

“My hovercraft is full of eels.”

Torgo - Wasn’t a technical glitch. TV Guide had listed “Home Improvement” for those time slots. I had figured it was a printing error, but it obviously wasn’t. Clearly this had been in the works since before this week’s TV Guide went to press.

I faxed a letter to my local affiliate asking why on EARTH they would pre-empt original programming for reruns of a defunct show. I’m waiting on pins and needles for their response.

Most likey they figure the reruns would get better ratings.

So… you’re watching Dharma and Greg… voluntarily?

Must be the perkiness.

Sorry, taped the PBS bit on Blues last night and covered it up. Don’t start hyperventilating, reruns are a fact of life.