NBC's preempted Wed and Thu programming -- reasons?

Has NBC publicized any particular reason why they preempted last night’s episode of The West Wing and all of tonight’s shows?

For last night, I figured perhaps the story line of a North Korean pianist wanting to defect amid secret negotations to reduce N. Korea’s nuclear threat may have been a bit too timely, and by request of the White House deferred the airdate. Or perhaps under orders, who knows.

But I can’t figure out tonight’s sudden change. They were advertising the new episodes of Friends, Will & Grace, and ER until about 19:30 PDT last night, and then today it’s all reruns with a crawl indicating the line-up returns with new programming next week.

I knew they had decided to pull Coupling at least for a couple of weeks (thank heavens, and may that stupid show never see the light of day again), but I can’t imagine their decision to pull one show would result in a change to all the rest on a given night.

Anyone know anything more about this?

No conspiracy here. Why burn good new episodes of your well-rated shows against a high-profile baseball game that will surely beat you?

CBS did the same thing and yanked the new CSI tonight.

Haven’t you heard? Everyone loves baseball again. Yay!