Soooo... What's with NBC pulling 'West Wing' tonight?

Looks like tonight’s North Korean defector episode was pulled with no explanation… in the meantime our local affiliate’s tv listings page was borked with ‘server too busy’ messages for a bit.

I didn’t do it!

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Well, that makes me feel better, since I missed it working late.

Stinking Boss’s Day…y’all take the boss out to eat. DO NOT call the flower shop and take 30 minutes to decide that a goodie basket will be needed because the boss doesn’t like flowers. Flowers we got, goodies we gotta go get.

NBC pulled new episodes of its Wed. and Thur. shows so they wouldn’t be “wasted” against Fox’s baseball games. The games are drawing big ratings, and thanks to this “brilliant strategy”, they are drawing even bigger ratings.

Logic is not a strong suit of TV execs.

(If it was sweeps month, then deliberately scheduling strong against strong is a plus.)