Where the heck's West Wing?

I’m getting a Law & Order episode here. Is it just me?

It’s not just you. In fact, I was just about to post the same question. What’s going on???

Just hanging around and waiting for an answer. . .

I’m assuming you are reffering to the NBC edition and not the Bravo one.

Can anyone follow-up on this? I am at work but I set my VCR up to tape WW tonight. . . am I going to get home and find L&O on that tape??

Say it ain’t so!! I gotta get my fix.

Just checked the NBC website. It says at the top: “Tonight’s West Wing episode will air 10/29”. No other info.

Funny, they were running promos for the new episode as late as last night. TV Guide and local listings all indicate it’s suppose to be the scheduled North Korean defector episode.

Wonder what happened?

I knew the answer would be here. I checked here before I checked nbc.com, which in hind seems sillly, and yet nonetheless I got my answer.

Excellent work dopers.

Postseason baseball is getting big-time ratings. I’d suspect that’s why. Cubs in NLCS Game 7, right after Yankees-Sox; that’s gonna be a big number for FOX.

Bingo, HumanStromboli! That’s gotta’ be it! Case closed.

Frankly, I’m glad they did it. Now I can watch the Cubs lose.

And here I was cussing myself for watching this stupid Cubs game when I could have been watching WW, and it wasn’t even on! Thanks for the info!


I was ALL KINDS of PO’d when I was suffereing through the last couple minutes of “Ed” and waiting for WW to start when they showed the next on a special “Law & Order: Criminal Intent”!

Grr. Tonight is one of the rare Weds. I’m not working and would have been able to watch WW in real-time. Crud.

The NBC site says the ep will air on 10/29. Looking at the WW page on the site, they’re saying the 10/22 ep will be a repeat of “Red Haven’s on Fire.” I’m guessing there’s a world series game scheduled next Weds.?

Yet another reason why I loathe sports on TV.

FallenAngel, fret not. The Cubs lost. The Yankees will probably win tomorrow. No one will care about a Florida-Yankees WS, and your precious little show will be on regular as clockwork next week.

On Google News I found a hit that said that NBC indeed yanked the episode because they were afraid everyone would be watching the Cubs/Marlins.

<tinfoil hat=on>

And I thought NBC succumbed to pressure by its parent GE, as a result of a phone call to the GE CEO placed by someone from within the While House …
<tinfoil hat=off>


Well, on the west coast the dratted game ended at 8:30! I hate time zones!

Oh well, at least I can fast forward through the tape…

but when I saw the title, I was hoping against hope that someone at NBC saw it, said “My goodness, this sucks!” and decided to yank it on quality reasons until they could find a half decent writer, editor, and cameraman.

Oh well.

As a minor note, what played at 9:00 pm eastern time wasn’t Law & Order, but Law & Order: Criminal Intent, the infinitely weaker spinoff.

And it was a rerun.


I was hoping NBC had yanked the show, in hopes of final negotiations with Aaron Sorkin to return.

I know it was last minute, because my NBC affiliate was running a crawl saying WW had been replaced with L&O one time only. I guess they got a bunch of calls from people too stupid to realize the difference between network and affiliate.

I caught the bits and pieces of L&O:CI, and it reminded me why I never watched the show. What a stupid plot line. I can’t seen Brisco or Logan or Green or Curtis or McCoy acting so idiotically. Does Dick Wolf just phone the script in?

I was also hoping that they spent the extra time on writing and fixing the lighting.

Yeah, it’s gotto be because of base-ball.
I was looking forward to the new L&O at 10 pm after the West Wing, and it was a rerun when they actually had had some previews about the new episode…
I guess we’ll see all this next week.