Last Restaurant Standing (Season three)

I’m not sure how popular, if at all, this thread will be, so I’ve created a thread to encompass the entire season.

Last Restaurant Standing (AKA The Restaurant in the UK) kicked off season Three last night. I’m sure it’s finished already in other parts of the world and would appreciate not being spoiled before we even begin.

I find this show to be a really great premise that sometimes fails in its execution. I blame the producers the most of this in their picking of applicants to make the cut. I think giving a few eager people a chance to try out their dream of running a restaurant despite no experience is admirable…but it’s really friggin hard work. Even more than what they put in on the show. And I think it’s been conclusively proven both in the show and in real life that you’re going to fail big time without skill at doing what needs to be done.

So out of the thousands of applicants for season three, we have a “chef” who was so inept at handling a knife I wanted to reach through the TV and grab it from her before she slit her wrist open, and a boy who hadn’t bothered to think of a name or an idea for the restaurant he was planning on opening the very next day. I’m sorry, did they kidnap you or did friends surprise you with an application? I’m pretty sure you’ve had months to plan something. Anything.

At this point I’m looking forward to seeing what the seven couples left will do, but I think it would be so much better when they start with nine competant couples who aren’t just going into this with a “gosh, restaurants sound cool and i’ve got nothing better going on right now” attitude. Because what this produces is Season One’s winners, whose restaurant has already closed because they didn’t want to do it any longer.

The women trying to open the can with a butcher’s knife were hilariously inept. Did they not think to look for a can opener? And this was after they had so much trouble with opening a coconut. There was another couple whose dish was based around smoked salmon they’d bought ready-made, so they weren’t actually preparing anything. And the chef who used a really low-grade canned stock.