Last week of school memories

Its my kid’s last week of school. For my 7th grader, its a day at an amusement park today. For my 9th grader, his high school has 3 more days but each day is a half day. The kids take finals in the morning and then the afternoon off. Kind of a pain for parents but I guess its a way to keep some school order till the final day.

Which is a big problem in keeping discipline and the school from falling into anarchy.

I’d like to ask, when you all were in school, what was the final week like? Any big memories of crazy stunts being pulled?

For the parents here with kids in school, 1. when do your kids get out (in Kansas they like to end before Memorial day) and 2. what are they doing the final week?

In my kids’ school, grade 12 finishes school at the beginning of May and then have 3-4 weeks of IB exams. The last day of regular classes in Grade 12 prank day, usually involving a lot of silly string, shaving foam and cling film on the toilet seats. They even glued the lockers shut one year but that went a bit over the line!

At my school it’s more like the last two weeks. Senior finals are given during regular days, with 2 hours periods. Then the rest of the school goes on minimum days for finals while the seniors have activities like Class Night, Grad Night, and all the other stuff.

The senior pranks have been getting lamer and lamer over the years. The best one ever pulled on campus was back in 1987, when the seniors stole a few buckets of paint from the district and repainted all the doors. Picture the first day of school, and 400 freshmen wandering around lost because all of the room numbers had been painted out. The kids did such a neat job of it that all custodial had to do was restencil the room numbers that afternoon. Ended up saving the district thousands of dollars in labor, because the doors needed repainting anyway and the kids did a perfect job for free. :wink:

We are an academic magnet, so these weeks between AP exams and the end of school (finals are over JUNE SIXTH) are like a terrible limbo. Most of our classes are AP classes, and it’s really hard to maintain an academic focus in a class when the test is past. Exacerbating that is that for the two weeks that exams were being given, regular classes hardly happened as kids took 4-8 half-day tests each, but every kid takes a slightly different set, so virtually every class has a significant number of kids out. So routines have gone to hell. Seniors are on field trips between tomorrow and graduation, because their finals are over but they technically have to attend until graduation in two weeks.

We are working on college application stuff with my juniors, but really, it’s like we all don’t know what to do with ourselves. I wish to god this state would let us start school in Mid-May so that we could be getting out right after the exams.

Wait, dont you mean END school in mid May?

“Will this just be over already so I can get the hell out of here?”


My favorite memory is my exasperated trigonometry teacher saying “I know you’re graduating and you may not care anymore, but at least be quiet - put your head down on your desk and go to sleep - so I can teach.”

The school year ends in December, but for year 12 students it finished around the end of October, giving us some time before the final state-wide exams. We had classes right up until the second last day of the year. There were no major ‘stunts’ on the last day; instead we had a lunch with the students and teachers. I’d been at the school for ten years, so I spent the day going around and saying farewell to all of my old teachers. It was quite moving to go back into the third graders’ classroom and speak to my teacher, thinking that 9 years previously I had been sitting in one of those desks.

Last week was usually mayhem to semi-controlled chaos for everyone except the seniors; those were threatened with diploma withholding so they avoided the worse of the hijinks that were visible. So did I for the most part as it has a certain “amateurs night” feel to it. I preferred to be in trouble year round. Last week my senior year though my principal emptied the trophy case and built a pyramid of all the snuff cans he had confiscated from me. Like the reserved chair in his office, I considered it a warm/friendly touch.

The one ritual I remember best is the ceremonial dumping of all the notebook paper from your 3-ring binder and from all over the floor of your locker off the big bridge just across the street from the school. Nowadays, the eco police would probably arrest us all, but there was something so satisfying about watching your year’s work gently float away until it disappeared from sight.

In my high school (1970’s) we dumped our papers onto the floor of the school’s lobby, from the second floor balcony.

The one big stunt I remember was in high school. Someone dumped something on the lawn - bleach maybe - to kill the grass in a pattern. I think it was the school logo with the graduating class’s year, or something like that. Inoffensive except for permanently killing the grass; it wasn’t entirely back to normal even the next year when my class graduated.

While we did have a few parties or field trips in the last week, it really wasn’t so much different than other weeks. We still had some graded assignments even up to the last couple of days.

It was mostly quiet, except for stealthily relocating two large concrete lions from the town hall to the roof of the school and waiting for people to notice. Well, the relocation was quiet–hence “stealthily”–the response, not so much.

*CONCRETE *lions? Wow. And I was impressed when a seven-foot fiberglass chicken disappeared from a local grocery store and reappeared on the roof of the school cafeteria. Whoever did it got it up there safely enough, but the workmen who lowered it down broke a window in the process.