Last Week's Wierd Earl's

Can someone provide a link to the last Wierd Earl’s. I believe the captionwas something along the lines of “We don’t know what it is, but its pretty.”

It was a series of interactive pages featuring multi colored aliens? similar to TeleTubbies etc. etc.

I wanted Mrs. Verona to see it, but lost the link.


Was it this?

Also, you’ll find the list of past Weird Earls here (at the bottom of the page).

Ice Wolf-thanks for the heads-up on the Weird Earls Archives.Way back when I first discovered the Straight Dope website you could get the list just by clicking on Weird Earls from the home page IIRC.When I did that more recently,though,and was connected to only one site I thought WTF?I just never got around seeing if the list I remembered may have been re-located.

THANKS Ice Wolf!

She is WAY Amused!