Weird Earl's

While catching up on Weird Earl’s Archive of Web Curiosities, I visited a headliner from not too long ago, the “Automatic Flatterer.” I entered a fake name, as is my wont – this time, I chose a variant on my habitual nom de guerre, to wit: “Tag.”

I was automatically flattered: “What a beautiful name Tag.”

It’s pitiful, really, how easily I’m amused.

I never see people talk about their experiences with Weird Earl’s; why is that?

Possibly because it’s now buried so far down on the front page that most people don’t notice it.

Most Weird Earl’s stuff is not really interactive like that. But I for one always check it out.

I have a problem with Weird Earl’s body odor. You’d think he could take a shower once a week.

Ok now I’m really confused. Not knowing who this Weird Earl person was, I went a-googlin’. Led me right back here, it did.

It’s just a long list of links to assorted threads. Headliners, you might say.

But who is Earl?

Since it’s on the front page it doesn’t really lead back to here.

We don’t have a “Weird Earl” forum or anything like that.

BTW, I could use some new material, both for Weird Earl and Threadspottings. If you see something suitable for any category, please send your nomination to Do it today!

Nobody talks about Earl, they just roll their eyes. :smiley:

(It’s actually a corruption of “Weird URL.” Goes back to our earliest days, when all this was new and amazing.)

I get it now, although I never ever heard anyone say URL as “Earl”. That, combined with the apostrophe mistake in the OP led me to think that Earl was an actual, living, breathing, thinking, feeling, caring, albeit weird person.

Sure, like Cecil Adams. Earl’s his weirder cousin.

(Everybody’s got one.)