Late-breaking HouDope mini-meet!

I’ll be meeting Sqrlcub for dinner tomorrow (Wednesday, March 7th). Any Houdopes who’d care to join us please email me at by ~5:00 PM tomorrow. Perhaps I’ll just settle on a destination and post it here tonight - so far the only plan is for me to pick him up at his hotel @ 6:30 (Galleria area). He tells me Mexican food is his primary agenda.

Hope to hear from some of y’all!

Well fine then ! LIONsob are shooting for breakfast with the SqrlCub thursday am about 7:30 at a location to be decided upon later. I wonder if I should bring a bag of nuts and use them to lure him home with me ? Hmmmmm.

dammit, dammit, dammit!!!

I was just reading robgruver’s Dopefest thread and thinking how much easier it would be to meet on a weeknight so hubby could babysit. EXCEPT for March 7, because he’s going to Canada to shmooze for business.

I was just pissed that I wasn’t going to Skyball, now I’m extra pissed because I’m missing a chance to eat frijoles and jalapenos with beatle and Sqrlcub.


…he better bring me back something really cool…

I sincerely hope the “he” mentioned above refers to Mr. Mamapotomous, as I doubt I’ll keep Sqrl here for the next fete.

Sure we can keep him ! Just don’t tell dcnewsman or he’ll come take our SqrlCub away from us.

…unless Sqrl wants to… :wink:

Oops, I guess that could have been a little more clearly written!
Have a great time, gang.

beatle: There is a great place called Escalantes in Myerland Plaza. Great Mexican food with a KILLER margarita! :slight_smile:

Plus it is right by my office and I may be able to drop by. :slight_smile:

Beatle just let us know the place and Sealemon and myself will be there. We are both looking forward to meeting Sqrlcub. I will email you also.

See ya’ll tonight!

OK, I’ve never been there, but I’ll take a chance on robgruver’s suggestion:

Escalante’s Mexican Grill
Meyerland Plaza Mall
(SW corner of 610 and Beechnut)
(713) 663-7080

I’m picking Sqrl up at 6:30, so we should be at the restaurant within 15-20 minutes of that. Looking forward to seeing everyone.

A last minute bump for any late-arriving HouDopes.

Well ? How was it, did y’all have fun ?

I hope Sqrl is sleeping right now because I will be calling him in about 7 hours for breakfast.

::happy dancing and singing:: I get to meet Sqrl, I get to meet Sqrl.

Sqrl’s a good guy. I enjoyed meeting him. We talked about…, well, a lot of y’all.

Ayesha dear, I think you’re going to have to wake him up.

We are on our way to Breakfast with SqrlCub (which IMHO would make a great band name). BTW I got to wake him up !

I had a good time last night. The restaurant was excellent, great food! I’m glad I got to see beatle again, he such a nice man and always has interesting stories to tell. Robgruver is a nice guy. This was the second time I was able to meet him but this time I was able to talk to him more. My ten year old daughter came with us last night and she told me later on that "that guy {robgruver} sitting next to me was cute! So there you go rob you have an admirer. :wink:

It was neat to get to meet SqrlCub. It was nice to finally put a face with the words. Hope you get come back to Houston again sometime. My daughter couldn’t stop talking about you on the way home. She was still very impressed that you live that close to the president and was able to see him. Ayesha sorry you had to miss out on dinner, you were definately missed. Let us know how breakfast went.

Breakfast with Sqrl was great. I really enjoyed myself, which is what I expected he has been on my favorite posters list for a long time.

We (the LIONsob and I) picked Sqrl up at about 7:15 A.M. . He was waiting for us at the door of his hotel, he came right out and of course I just had to give him a huge hug. We got back in the car and went to IHOP, not classy but no one was awake enough to care since all of us were up all or most of the night.

We talked about last nights meeting, Sqrl liked everyone. But he loves me best, I told him he did ! Anyway much fun and conversation ensued and breakfast/dinner (depending on your point of view) was ordered.

We had a great time, the board and many posters were mentioned. I had to ask if Satan’s ass was cute since Sqrl has met him in person. Besides I thought the waitress would freak out if she overhear “So tell me Sqrl, is Satan’s ass really cute” ? Sqrl refused to answer my question. I don’t know if the waitress actually heard me or not, but she did seem a little less worried about us after that. Hmmmm.

If anyone else gets the chance to meet Sqrl I suggest they go for it, he was a blast, even tired. I did give him a HouDope name tag and sent one for dcnewsman too, maybe he will come along next time.

Wow! Both Mom and Daughter check in! Woo! :slight_smile:

I made it to San Antonio with him last year, so you never know. But if we do come, it will just have to be for the weekend or on vacation since my job doesn’t send me travelling on them too often (but we do have an office in Houston).

Of course, you could always come visit your former governor (and take him home with you!!). :slight_smile:

By the way, I think you all wore him out…keeping him up too late and waking him up in the morning. I called tonight (Thursday) about 9:30 p.m. EST (8:30 p.m. Houston time) and I woke him up. He was already in bed.

Shoot! I missed the party. :frowning:

I was just sitting around the apt. moping. I REALLY nee to check the boards more often.

Hope you had fun.

What Shanin said. As always, beatle is great fun to be with, and seeing rodgruver again was cool.

But of course, finally getting to meet the esteemed Sqrlcub was a blast. He was kind of quiet at first, but he’s every bit as nice and cool as I thought he’d be.

Dcnewsman, y’all have GOT to come down again sometime! I’d love to meet youtoo.

To the Houston dopers: See y’all on the 14th, and whatever date we’re meeting in March (My human memory bank, Shanin, knows. :))