Houston XVI

Say what?

Homies gather 'round.

How was the corporate hot rod?

Hey starfish. Thanks for asking; I didn’t post a followup because the zippity zoom got cancelled at the very last minute. The plan had been that four guys from our main office would fly in and two would get off to spend the day reviewing stuff in our office while the Exploration V.P. and an engineer would continue on, with me, to look over an acquisition candidate in the East. Well, the plane got here and I was ready to zoom, but all four guys got off the plane and said, “Show us what you’re up to.”

Ook! No trip plus an unprepared review - we survived.

Maybe next time.

This thread was meant to be a rallying call for the HouDopers. We haven’t gathered in a bit and it’s getting near that time of year that Little Nemo may reappear in H-town.

Also starfish, I’ve noticed you’ve been a bit more active on the board of late. Did you know you actually set the venue for the HouDope’s initial meeting with the aforementioned Nemo? Well, you did. If we can muster, I’d love to get you to join us.

Now that I’ve clarified that this is a meeting thread, I guess I can shamelessly bump it for a bit.

Had the soulless bastards at my last job not fired me right before Thanksgiving, I would have scheduled a trip down that way just to hang out with you folks again!!! Damnit!!!

Little Nemo may reappear in H-town?



Now that I’ve passed my journalism test, can anyone clue me in?

After the 15th is best for me. (Finals are coming up.)

Little Nemo is coming back ? WooHoo ! So when will you be here guy ?

The only request I have is an indoor place this time please. I almost froze my tits sitting outside the last time he was here.

I’m sure you’ll like Little Nemo, Revedge. I hope you’ll be able to show up.

MrC, those bastids, tell them that if I weren’t a lady I would fart in their general direction for that.

Maybe I will get to meet Shanin this time.

After the 15th works much better for me as well. Because prior to the 15th, I’ll still be in New York.

I don’t have tickets yet but my vacation runs from the 15th to the 30th, so there’s an approximate window to start working around.

A late update. I have now bought tickets, so I’ll definitely be there from the 15th to the 30th.

I was away from the board for a little bit and missed your earlier thread, Nemo.

I should be getting my next year calendar in the next few days; when I do I’ll start working on a plan for late January. For the moment why don’t we try and get more HouDopers to check in.

Houston, where are you ? Check in please.

Last time I looked, just north of Galveston. :stuck_out_tongue:

With roughly six weeks to go, I can probably squeeze out 40 or 50 posts just bumping this thing…

with a little help from your Dallas friends.

I sure wish I could schedule another trip to Houston. Unfortunately I just got back from San Antonio (Hi Purplebear!) and it’ll be awhile before work allows me to get away again. Have fun!

Where are the rest of the Houstonians? At least throw a post here telling us you can’t make it. Of course, once you admit you’re in the area, we’ll shamelessly beg and whine until you agree to attend.

Where y’all meet?

I liked the last place we were at.

:blatently padding post count in guise of resonding to query.: :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah, Revedge, you just want another piece of tail and you know it. :wink:

Origato, there is no one place we meet. We usually make beatle choose so if anything goes wrong we can blame him. :stuck_out_tongue:
(Don’t hurt me for telling people)

Damn, gotta start attending these HouDopes!

Of course Ayesha, yours was such a tasty tail too! I could hardly bring myself to come up for air. :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW, my next post will be a thread just for you!