2nd Annual HouDope Little Nemo Twofer: Phase One

Round One has been completed. Meeting at Sam’s Place (not the designated Sam’s Boat, due to a sign-bearer error) were Ayesha, LIONsob, Little Nemo, Shanin, Sealemon88, Irishman and beatle. A brief appearance was made by Bug Vomit as well. After having been informed of my mistake in selecting a table at Sam’s Place instead of his Boat (really two different barrooms in the same establishment, we commenced ~half-hourly recovery missions wherein a designated attendee cruised the other bar waving the now-veteran SDMB table sign around.

The first such netted Little Nemo, who is apparently far better than your correspondent at navigating unfamiliar drinking establishments. Alas, no more were found.

Initially I’d dismissed the idea of a post-gathering thread, as my previous efforts deteriorated into a sort of stream-of-consciousness style after the first one or two. And, I thought, nobody besides me reads those besides the people who were there.

But a few things occurred to me. First, OK, well how about it for the people who were there? Second was the satisfying knowledge that Irishman has the notes, so the majority of this burden is his baby. And finally, listening to the conversations we had, I realized I’m hardly the only one who reads other locales’ post Dopefest threads.

So, take it away, Irishman!

** Hey ! ** Nobody told me I missed ** Bug Vomit ** shame on all of you !

Such a cool name too. I’m sorry we missed you.

Hey, I like reading these, even if I didn’t go! So keep posting them, dammit! :slight_smile:

Hi Falcon!

So, I’m not the only one.

I like to read DopeFest threads…

Not being the note taker, I can only rely on memory for an account of this evening’s topics. Amongst them was the following:

Multiple user names and sock puppets
A comparison of the SDMB and F3MB
Cecil’s shocking behavior in NYC
Why geologists can’t have computer access
Why prison guards shouldn’t have computer access
Trolls, flame warriors, and online stalkers
Forums and appropriate posting
Dolphin sex
How much to tip a mediocre waitress

Yup, I shouldn’t have a problem getting a couple of hours off. If I can’t get the time, I’ll be two hours late or so. :frowning:

In the Houston Thread, Ayesha said: “Sealemon was, well…Sealemon.” Care to elaborate? Or do I need to sic my Real Doll on you? :slight_smile:

The meeting went well. I liked Sam’s Boat/Place!

It was a nice surprise seeing Ayesha and Lion come in; I thought I was going to miss you two guys again.

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone this Saturday, and hopefully some other faces as well (Coughstarfishcough).

So, ummm…that’s it I guess. Writer’s block.

You started a new thread for this? Okay, I’ll cross post my previous notes from the Houston XVI thread.

Re: The Official Notes, part 1

Okay, round one went off without a hitch - if you don’t count the low turnout, wrong bar, and latecomers. :wink:

Part one was Sunday afternoon at Sam’s Boat. At least it was supposed to be Sam’s Boat, but when I arrived the group was in Sam’s Place. Fortunately they are right next door to each other, sort of connected, so it shouldn’t have been that difficult to figure out. Somehow it was.

beatle got the table (shame on you for picking the wrong place :wink: ), and Sealemon and Shanin arrived next. I walked in a few minutes late, ducking the raindrops. beatle had his trusty SDMB sign with him - it’s been to almost as many gatherings as I have. We sat at the table watching our waitress walk by every half hour or so to ignore us. We had some meaningless chit chat to fill the time while waiting for the rest of the party. Periodically we would send one of us walking into the Boat to see if we recognized any misplaced dopers. Sealemon went twice before Little Nemo figured out he was probably looking for him. Poor guy had to wait an hour in the bar wondering why nobody was showing up.

There was some speculation that the low turnout was due to some of the crowd going to the wrong place and being at Woodrows, the previously suggested spot that was discarded because it lacked walls. And we enjoyed having walls. I suggested to beatle he should drive over and make sure nobody was over there looking for us, but he didn’t take up the challenge.

The topic of plane flights came up, and a relatively new pattern of people going crazy on flights, flipping out, and getting in fights with the passengers. Sealemon was relating this one incident where a guy flipped out, was abusing passengers, started beating on the flight cabin door, then started wrestling with the emergency exit. He was beaten by the passengers and died. No charges were pressed, because of the stress and fear for their own safety. All I could think was how much that sounded exactly like this one episode of Crime Scene Investigation. I guess maybe they stole the idea from that event, because it sure played out just like that.

We then had to get into speculation about what’s causing these events to pop up so suddenly as a new phenomenon. There was an incident in China not long ago, and a couple others have made the news. beatle put forth the “gene” theory. He feels that air travel has only recently become so ubiquitous that the common person is able to fly. With the larger volume of people on commercial flights, it has allowed a rare gene to express itself as insanity caused by altitude, low pressure, or some other factor. It hadn’t showed up before because this gene is too rare. Sealemon came forth with the notion that perhaps the incidents are smokers trapped on non-smoking flights. This lead to speculation that perhaps it is a combination of factors. For instance, the seats on commercial planes are smaller now than they were 20 years ago. Also, more people are flying, and in order to keep the rates low, the ameneties are decreasing. These factors together are increasing the stress on passengers to the point that some are starting to lose it.

That naturally led to a conversation about plane crashes. It brought up the Dallas crash that introduced wind-shear to the world, and how suddenly everybody wanted to sit in the smoking section at the back of the plane, where the survivors had been. Then there was an incident where a plane somewhere had a hydraulic failure. They were trying to use throttle control to steer the plane, but wound up crashing into a mountain. Because the passengers knew there was trouble and their lives were in danger, there was a high rate of final messages being found in the crash. There was like one female survivor or something.

We briefly discussed first time meetings, and that dazed look of “what am I getting myself into?” that everyone has when they show up.

The board came up, of course. I won’t relate all the details - because I don’t remember them. However, Sealemon is contemplating a suggestion for a new forum. He wants to move all the mindless flirting and personal messages (hey Bruno, call me) into a new forum called “The Lounge”. This would allow IMHO to merge back with MPSIMS, and eliminate some of the mindless distractions.

Next came up a mention of the current round of moderator wars - everyone’s gotta bitch about their least fav moderator and how he/she’s acting like a facist. None of us had any particular comments blink blink.

Sealemon (hey this is becoming the “Sealemon did this” thread) made the observation that “there are some very friendly people at the Boat”. Wandering through, someone out of the blue just asked him to sit down and join him. The same guy made some comment to Shanin that was cryptic - something about “she’ll be here in a minute”. There’s nothing creepier than strangers treating you like family.

The rest room signs were not the most plainly labeled. The signs were in Spanish on the doors, but the doors were propped open so you really couldn’t see them unless you walked over to one side or other and got a glipse into the facility. Couple with that a traffic sign that said “Men Working” posted on the wall that happened to be next to the “Chicas” (ladies) room, and you’re bound to get some confused drunks.

This inspired discussion of other bar restrooms and signage. One bar beatle knew about had signs for men and women, posted next to the opposing door with an arrow pointed to it’s opposite. In other words, if you weren’t observant and missed the arrow, you were likely to find yourself in the wrong crowd. Similarly, there was a scary bar one place that had the bathrooms down in the basement. They were at the bottom of a particularly steep, dark stairwell. That bartender must have really been a Darwinist or something.

I notice that everybody took the opportunity to read the notes and see what was written, but nobody was volunteering to contribute.

LIONsob and Ayesha finally strolled in 2 hours late, spitting, fire and scaring the children. After passing out “thingies” and showing off the new design, they settled in.

The Ayesha popped off with the comment, “I would kill, and I mean literally kill, for anyone who could find me some cheapass lapel pins in the shape of a dragon.” She’s looked all over, and can’t find any. She wants them for an Hepatitis C awareness campaign. But they have to be really cheapass.

Somehow the topic of prisons surfaced (couldn’t have anything to do with having a prison guard in the crowd, could it?). There was mentioned the question how inmates get haircuts, and the answer being “From other inmates”. That’s one of the jobs inmates are allowed to have - and it’s very popular, as it isn’t manual labor, it is indoors, and they can earn money or tips (cigarettes, etc). Then Shanin remarked that down here in the Houston area, some of the guards actually use the prisoners for their own haircuts. Sounds like a great way to get your throat slit.

Ayesha confessed one of the things pissing her off was running across a Philanderer’s web board. These are people posting messages about wanting to stay married, but wanting to run around behind their wives’ backs. And of course there’s “Sex on the Side”, the web site for married women to post to find interested men for some extra-marital nookie.

At one point LIONsob and Sealemon were talking behind Ayesha’s back.

Then there was a mention of chicks on motorcycles flashing each other’s boyfriends. Some big ass tits involved.

Somehow after philandering and tits the topic of Realdoll came up. For anyone who doesn’t know, it’s a high dollar realistic looking female mannequin marketed primarily as a sex toy. It’s fully poseable, has realistic feeling skin that can even be warmed to simulate body heat, and is fully compatible. They sell it with it’s own lockable storage locker. I can’t help thinking how awkward that would be to explain to your girlfriend as she’s poking around in your closet and comes across what looks like a dead body in a trunk. Then Shanin said she saw something about it on Springer. It must have been a setup, one guy commented how his RealDoll was the perfect woman - she didn’t speak, didn’t make him do chores, didn’t bitch or complain, and was always there purely for his needs. Then out came his buddy (friend?) and they began to argue over the RealDoll. “She loves me more.” Little Nemo informed us that Howard Stern had one and did it on the air of his radio show, and then said it was the best sex he’s ever had.

That’s the main gist of the worthwhile notes. It got loud and I couldn’t hear anybody. We eventually wrapped up.

Okay, notes are over. Anyone else want to weigh in?

I will just repost my sad plea for a ride home so I can go too. The LIONsob is sick but said he will bring me to drop off everyone’s thingys but probably won’t stay. If some kind person will give me a ride home I will be able to stay.

Okay, obviously my notes missed a few details. I’ll fill in what I remember from beatle’s cues.

I forgot about Bug Vomit. Beatle knows him best, so I think he should fill you in.

We were regaled with the tale of how Cecil managed to make the Rochester meeting. According to Little Nemo, they had name tags made up for every conceivable person who could show up, including the man himself. At the pre-gathering hang out, it was decided to pass out the name tags of those not present to anyone they found and take pictures. After getting a no-go from the waitress, they wandered into a bar with a guy who was 3 sheets to the wind. He was dancing by himself, and having a fun time with nobody in particular. So all it took was a cute female to ask him to put it on, and they had some spectacular photos.

We were also informed that someone else was drafted to be Jack Dean Tyler. He was subsequently regaled with questions of whether he was circumsized. I’m not sure if anyone ever filled him in on why they were asking, but I hear he began showing people.

Beatle I think it was was telling us about how the company he works for had some strange policy about not letting geologists have computer email and web access. They stated reason was something to do with not wanting them to commit things for the company inadvertently or not through channels. Like geologists are any more likely to do that than receptionsists, file clerks, or anyone else in the company. Fortunately beatle is a geophysicist, so he doesn’t have to worry about it.

Little Nemo informed us of certain tales from his own experiences at jail. Working at jail. One was a prisoner supposedly somehow concocting a way to send emails to some woman on the outside. After a thorough investigation, it was discovered that he was slipping messages to his brother, who was pretending to be him and sending the messages.

The other tale was about how the New York prison computer systems were set up to be accessed by anyone who knew the proper password - all the guards. When a new unit was opened up, many of the guards were transferred from the same other prison unit, and still had the password. So they would log in to the system from their new unit pretending to be from the old one, and would change lots of work orders. The fun one was leaving instructions to have several of the prisoners shuffled from one cell to another. The guards going on duty for the day would find instructions for the moves, and have all the prisoners box up their stuff and swap cells. Then the next day they would come on duty to find instructions to move everyone back to their original cells. How cruel. The finally sorted out how it was being done, but no one was caught. Thus prison guards shouldn’t be allowed computer access.

Dolphin sex - you do realize than when the male dolphin is aroused, he manifests a physical display not uncommon among males. Not sure why someone would be turned on by this. Actually, and I didn’t mention this before, I remember in high school I heard a story on the radio about a guy who was arrested at Sea World. He was an employee who was found having too much fun with the animals, dolphins being most particularly remembered.

Our waitress was less than spectacular. As I mentioned, she sort of would make a flying pass by the table every half hour or so, and then forget what we asked for. Due to some miscommunication, Shanin ended up leaving a little bigger tip than Sealemon intended. (They got their bill separate and first.) Then the rest of us got a bulk bill, and had to do the usual round of sort out the ticket. We began pooling money, and found ourselves drastically over tipping. On a $56 bill we had $80. And no, I didn’t pocket the difference and not tell anyone. :wink: We divied up the excess as best we could - I never did figure out who threw in too much. Oh well, I came out ahead.

Okay, looking for round 2 tomorrow. See ya’.

As requested, here’s the post. Notes to follow sometime later. I couldn’t find the thread you threatened, so I posted here.

HouDope was a great time, and we were glad to have been a part of it. Thanks to everyone for allowing us into your group, and accepting us for who we are, no matter how strange. That means more to us than anything.

We love you all, and look forward to years of friendship.

A thousand thank you’s.

Robert G. Gruver, Jr. of MacLeod
Jennifer A. Gruver of MacLeod

I enjoyed meeting everyone ! And seeing old friends was too cool. A good time was had by all, I think.

I was my usual good, sweet, shy self, execpt when I kicked Nerd in the butt (well, he didn’t say hello to me !), grabbed Sealemon’s butt, told shocking stories from my younger days. And teased Irishman unmercifully !

Dopers are the coolest people in the world , no doubt.

Post the notes Irishman, ! Oh BTW anyone who misses a chance to meet the Bears, Purple and MR. is missing some great people. And MaidenUnicorn woohoo. And she’s a red head too guys.

Irishman I woke up this morning to look at the thread real quick, and then went back to bed once I saw that you got home ok. ::nudge nudge wink wink:: :wink:

I had a blast last night meeting everyone! Out of the four meetings I have attended so far this was the biggest gathering of the Houston bunch. At one point we had 19 people! Whoo hoo! I was able to see a few people that I had already met, and then a lot more new people I hope to see again. Here is a quick list of everyone who showed up. I will comment more after the notes are posted by Irishman so hurry up and post the notes already! :wink:
[li]beatle[/li][li]Irishman[/li][li]cooldude[/li][li]Ayesha[/li][li]Mamapotomus[/li][li]Little Nemo[/li][li]Revedge[/li][li]Mrs. Revedge[/li][li]Purplebear[/li][li]Mr. Bear[/li][li]Origato[/li][li]Origato’s friend {sorry I forgot her name}[/li][li]Robgruver[/li][li]Mrs. Robgruver[/li][li]Shanin[/li][li]Sealemon[/li][li]TheNerd[/li][li]Nerd’s Lady friend[/li][li]Maidenunicorn[/li][/ul]

Well, I lived through it. Ms. Revedge is Bethany, robgruver’s wife is Jennifer and TheNerd’s friend is Ling Ling (IIRC, and there’s some possibility that I don’t). A good time was had by at least some (and I think all).

Origato (whose companion is a real nice gal whose name I can’t quite squeeze out of the besotted brain cells I managed to get home) suggested our pub crawl aim towards The Big Easy. It worked out well - we had a few hours to talk with each other at Baker street and concluded with Mr. James “Guitar” Hughes’ blues band rocking us into the night.

Before it comes from another quarter, be it here recognized that your correspondent could have been perceived as intoxicated before it was all said and done.

I thoroughly enjoyed seeing old acquaintances, renewing such with those I’d met only once before and meeting a whole batch of cool new ones (gotta be careful where you wear that shirt, Mr. Bear).

I’ll post more as I remember it.

So, let’s hear from the rest of y’all (and give me some help, if you’d care to, with The Dopefests…The Sign…The World…)

It was a great evening. These Dopers are awesomely fun to party with! Can’t wait for the next one.

Even my girlfriend, who was initially a bit reticent about coming with to meet a group of total strangers (she doesn’t know y’all like I do ;)) said she had a good time. BTW, her name is Lin.

I’m glad the Big Easy went over well with the group. I figured it would. Beatle, it’s JOE “Guitar” Hughes, not James. He’ll be playing at Shakespeare’s Friday night. The lady and me will probably be there if anyone cares to join us.

Irishman, get on with the report!

Sorry to have to correct you, but her name is Lynn.
And yes, she’s a lady, and a friend, but ladyfriend is something else :slight_smile:

With luck, I’ll be able to convince inanna to come to the Austin gathering this next weekend. I wouldn’t mind getting a rep for bringing the prettiest girls to Dopefests. :slight_smile:

I will say that Origato and Lin were quite impressive on the dance floor !

Revedge’s wife is great !

Thanks to Little Nemo for playing taxi for me.

I really did enjoy everyone’s company.

TheNerd, do you forgive me for that butt kicking thing ?

Of course I do. I thought it was funny.