Late night movie you just can't stop--

watching, even though it’s 5:00 am.
Last night, I watched Buffalo66 for the 2nd time. Both times were at an ungodly hour, but I just couldn’t tear myself away. Is it so bad that it’s good, or is it so good in a bad way that I can’t resist it?
Christina Ricci was wonderful in that. She’s a wonderful actress. The actor/director dude? I think I know a few guys just like him. Scary.
What is your secret “can’t keep watching” Indy movie?

I do not know if this really meets your qualifications, but anytime “Jason and the Argonauts” or “Clash of the Titans” is on, I have to watch. It makes no difference that I have seen these movies too many times to count.

I came home from a New Years party a couple of years ago, and “Strange Days” with a Fiennes boy and Angela Bassett was on, and even though the movie was grossly violent and not something I would normally enjoy, I couldn’t turn it off and go to bed.

Not sure if this counts either:

A movie that has this effect on me is the Peter O’Toole flick Murphy’s War (1971). But I can only watch it after 10:30 pm. I can’t explain this at all, but it just seems like a much better movie after this time. If I try to watch it before this time, I realize just how mundane it is and change it. It has nothing to do with booze or exhaustion (I’m a night owl), it just seem better than it is late at night. The only exception to this is watching it when you are home sick in bed; it works but you are in a weakened state then.

A movie I’ll watch ANY time it is on is The Candidate with Robert Redford. That movie puts me in a trance.

Well, I may be cast out for this, but my late-night(and almost anytime that it’s on) movie is Roadhouse, with Patrick Swayze. Just an awful awful movie, but I always end up watching it.