lateral entry teacher

Are there any Dopers here who have gotten into teaching through the “backdoor,” i.e. with a lateral entry license? I am currently trying to gain employment teaching, preferably in a middle school in North Carolina. I understand that schools tend to accept more lateral entry teachers in populations and subjects that need teachers. I have all the paperwork and have spoken to some administrators. Now I am crossing my fingers.

I have a B.A. in English from UNC-Chapel Hill and have worked part time in the public school system as a tutor for a middle school college prepatory program. I am also a adult literacy tutor. I would have prefered to go to get my degree in education, but monetary concerns dictate that I cannot do that full time. I figure I can get direct teaching experience if I am forced to work, whether as a lateral entry teacher or teacher’s aide.

I am curious to hear opinions on:
[ul]how hard it was to become a teacher through lateral entry;[/ul]
[ul]how teachers that did their four (or more) years in college for education perceived or treated you;[/ul]
[ul]how hard you found it taking the required courses for your license during the school year or summers;[/ul]
[ul]if you worked in a public or private school setting;[/ul]
[ul]any tips or tricks for getting a position using this method;[/ul]
[ul]just anything you might find useful![/ul]