Latest On The Batshit Express to Crazyville: Wesley Snipes

Anybody else following this?

Mr. Blade himself, the sometimes hawt Wesley Snipes, is on trial in Florida on criminal charges for tax fraud. Story here. It appears that his, ah, let’s call it “misguided,” assertion that he doesn’t owe tax on some $38 million is in some way related to his involvement in the Nuwaubianism movement. Now, I’m all for religious and spiritual toleration, but that is some crazy-ass stuff right there.

The degree to which Snipes buys into the crazy-ass-osity is illustrated by a document he filed in the tax matter, posted by The Smoking Gun and found here, with reference to his “lifebirth origin” and his West African descent, proven by DNA. West African descent is apparently important in the racist philosophies of convicted child molester Malachi York, founder of Nuwaubianism. As The Smoking Gun says, it’s all kinds of crazy!

Proof that even the wealthy can get a terminal case of the Deluded Stupids. I’m looking forward to off-the-wall hijinks in the trial, followed by a long jail sentence for friend Snipes.

[The late great Rick James] Darkness!! Pay your taxes! [/tlgRJ]

The weirdness of Mr. Snipes has been out in the open for some time now. I’m quite convinced that the character played by Eddie Murphy in Bowfinger (i.e., the action-hero/nutjob movie star) was heavily based on him.

Wow… that is some crazy shit. (the wikipedia article on nuwaubianism)

You could edit this to say “If there’s 38 million tax free dollars in it, I’ll believe some seriously fucked up shit.”

I’m thinking he is seriously fucked up, and will do some serious time.

He got off light. Even in Florida, celebrities can get away with a lot of shit.

Wow. According to Nauwabianism, Dr. Seuss is the devil:

Also, Star Wars is a documentary.

That’s some industrial grade crazy, right there.

Could be worse. Could be a Scientologist.