…which is the current title of my attempt to make a documentary film on the cheap, about real-life settings of Fitzgerald’s novel, using archival photos from the 1920s, rephotographing them on a mini DV, with zooms, pans, etc. a la Ken Burns, and interpersing contemporary footage of the same locations in 2003.

I’ve had to hire (for credits, not $$) some people to do the tech stuff (like filming it and editing it) that was beyond me, and I’m wondering if i’ve hired enough of them. Simply, I was reviewing sample reels of prospective editors and noticed that even the low-rent films had all sorts of people filling roles I don’t even have on my project: “graphics by…”, “post-production by…”, “titles by…” etc. I’ve been assuming that the title credits can be devised easily enough by the editor using Final Cut Pro, so long as we don’t need anything very fancy, and whatever is involved in doing the film after it’s edited, is just a couple of phone calls on my end, but maybe I’m just ignorant of what post-production means.

I could probably get post-production people and the like using the same methods by which I’ve gotten camera operators and editors, but I’m kinda hazy on exactly what I’ll need them to do. Anyone more knowledgable than I?

(If there’s anyone LESS knowledgable, too, that would be interesting for scientific purposes, but mostly I’m looking for the former.)