Latest revison of Supergirl

I haven’t been able to keep up with the retcons like I used to. The last time I checked Supergirl was an “Earth angel” who could summon firey wings. Now she has a new costume apparently inspired by the WB version of Supergirl and has been rewritten again. What’s the latest storyline on her?

P.S. I miss dear Kara Zor-El, bad! Couldn’t they resurrect her out of Hypertime, even if just for special appearences?

Once they cast Helen Slater as Supergirl they got it right and should have banned any further revisions.

The last I saw the original Supergirl was in a Christmas special years ago. It was a Deadman story. Deadman invades a young man, spends some time ice-skating with his girlfriend, in general having a good time with the poor guy’s life. He then invades some rich guy and uses his money for some charitable thing or other. In the end, in his ghost state, he’s moaning over how nobody ever knows that he’s doing all these good things for them, and a young blonde woman starts talking to him. She gives him the “Do you do it for the credit? If not then why?” speech, then leaves. We find out her name was Kara. It was her first appearance since she ceased to exist in the big merger at the end of Crisis. It was nice to see that she was still around, looking after things.

I stopped reading comics a while back, but just as I did, SG/Linda Danvers had lost most of her her powers (and ability to become Supergirl) due to her falling from grace and sacrificing herself to defreat a demon who had taken over God’s throne.

She was going to find Supergirl with the help of semi-reformed demon Buzz (think Spike on Buffy) when she and I parted ways.

Oh, and Kara made an appearance as a “guardian angel” type spirit in the above storyline. Overall, I’ve always felt that Peter David’s off-the-wal take was much more interesting than another Kryptonian, or even the WB’s Kryptonian in all but name.

Linda Danvers became Supergirl when she merged with an alien shapeshifter, Matrix, who had taken on the Supergirl identity. (The Matrix part was cast aside.) During this (the earth angel period) Linda didn’t have any powers except the ability to transform into Supergirl. When Linda and Supergirl were separated (as described above), Linda developed powers of her own akin to those that Superman had back in the 30’s – speed, a certain amount of invulnerability, and the ability to leap about 1/8 of a mile. But when she wants to fight a bad guy, she now puts on a wig. She and Buzz are trying to find the Supergirl part by following the Chaos Stream. (I don’t know what this is, I stopped reading about this point.)