Latest Shooting - anyone surprised?

Interesting observation… Eighth-Grade Girl Shoots Classmate:

And don’t forget Brenda Spencer.

Odd, isn’t it, that the latest shooting happened in a Catholic parochial school? I thought hearing about God every day was supposed to make one less violent. Silly me.

I wonder if they had the Ten Commandments posted on the walls there… Isn’t that supposed to help?

Oops, looked like I was wrong. Female shoots another student. My bad.

There is a list of recent shootings and a bombing or two that were stopped before they happened at In all, 16 students in 9 different states made threats or otherwise indicated they were going to try to copy the Columbine shooters. At least one of them mentioned Columbine specifically.

Yeah, jab, the one that wanted to ‘recreate columbine’ was right outside of Austin here, at Manor High School :eek:

One of the worst parts about the San Diego shooting, is the kid blamed it on a song. Specifically the song “One Step Closer” by Linkin Park.

No where in that song, does it say “go out and kill people.” Its about a failing relationship, with a girl who was driving someone insane.

Now, even if the song was misinterpreted, which is understandable, wouldn’t everyone agree that it feels much better to punch someone in the face, rather than kill someone. I’ve never killed anyone before, but it feels damn good to hit someone full force in the face and make them hurt.

Lesson: Fists, not guns people.

Check this out. Here is something for all you fellow cynics out there that there might be some hope that kids learned something from the killings, “If you hear that someone is armed, in schoold and going to hurt or kill someone, report it.”