Latest Version Of the Nigerian Banking Scam

Does anyone still fall for this?

P.S. I didn’t write it.

To be honest this isn’t a scam, it is more like a political diatribe against Bush trying to make some not so subtle points about the cost and reasons for the war in Iraq.

That seems to be the factual White House contact info at the bottom too.

So, cleverly ( :rolleyes: )disguised political message = YES.

Phishing scam = NO.

It isn’t cleverly disguised by any stretch. It is a joke, a parody. Politics is frequently the subject of parody.

A joke? So then . . . he’s *not * serious?

Excuse me - I have to go stop payment on a check . . .

Yes I know that. Hence the use of the "rolleyes’ smiley. Are you saying you knew it was a joke? I could only assume (and apparently rayh too) that you were posting in earnest and we were responding in good faith. Or is there something I’m not getting here?

My post above is directed to Gangster Octopus in post #4.

I think you should check on Snopes to see if it is a hoax.

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