My Name Is George Walker Bush. I Have Special Deal For You.

This appeared in my inbox yesterday. I think it’s some kind of Nigerian lottery scam! But I thought I’d check it out with the Teeming Millions first.

Do you think I could be in line for a share of the SIXTY-ONE BILLION DOLLARS ($61,000,000,000)?

You know, I got the same email, except it was from Bill Gates!

And yeah, it’s a scam.

To tell you the truth when I first saw the heading I thought it was some sort of political thing. Maybe Bush Sr. would have no problem buying votes for his son next year.

Those have been around for years.

Finally, a tax cut plan that we all can agree on. I know that if I get sixty-one billion dollars, the economy will get some major stimulous.

With that much money, so could I;)