Latex slush. (Hobby question)

I’ve inherited two gallons of latex slush from a guy that was leaving. The stuff has the consistancy of jellied snot and smells like a herd of incontinent tomcats have invaded the house.
Anyway, I was trying to make a hand, for the benefit of the kids on Halloween. I was wondering whether anyone knew of a way to thin this stuff and how to get various finishes on it. I’ve tried painting it onto things but I wind up with a rough, unnatural sort of finish.



Assuming that the bucket of what you’re referring to as “latex slush” is the same thing as the substance that the Internet means when it says “latex slush”, Googling “thinning latex slush” brings up the fact that you can use water to thin it (distilled water is preferred).


Thanks for this. That’s what I needed to know. I kept going to the manufacturer’s site (Rub-R-Mold) but they had nothing on this. Thanks again.