LaTeX support broken?

I was looking at a post of mine, and noticed that the LaTeX bits are all now on their own line instead of inline:

Let me try this again. \pi, and \frac{1}{\pi}, and e^\pi are all supposed to be inline with the text here.

Looks like they’re not, even though they used to be. I assume others see this also? Pinging @codinghorror .

For me, each of the three LaTex elements are well-formatted. But each ends with a line break and the following non-LaTex text is on a subsequent line.

Thanks, that’s what I see as well. That didn’t used to be the case: the LaTeX parts would be inline with the text, without the extra line breaks. Something changed within the last 5 days.


Heh, in the original post in this thread, and when I visit the quoted post they all render as expected. The only place I see the formatting commands is in the quoted post.

Maybe a theme issue? I dunno.

Just tried all the themes. No difference.

Note that the math itself renders correctly. It just isn’t supposed to be separated out on different lines. The paragraph starting with “Let me” and ending with “text here” should render on a single line.

Moved from ATMB to Site Feedback since this is about the Discouse software itself and/or the MathJax plugin that we use for LaTeX support.

So is this just the way things are know, or are there any efforts to reinstate inline \LaTeX support?


It appears to be fixed !!!
\pi, and \frac{1}{\pi}, and e^\pi are now inline with the text here.

Sure, but e^{i\pi/2} is still off of the line.

What line ?

The real line.