"lather, rinse, REPEAT.."--who does this?

It’s a classic cliche for instructions “Lather, rinse, repeat”.
But who actually repeats the process? Isn’t one time enough?

Or am I the only weirdo who thinks that his hair is clean after just one shampooing?

I’ve always repeated, ever since I was a child.

I wash my hair twice, right in a row. It never feels worn out or damaged from it. It feels rather clean, actually. I guess it’s like going back and getting more soap when washing hands.

It’s a conspiracy to make you buy more shampoo. I never repeat!

I repeat if my hair is especially dirty, for whatever reason. Otherwise, I don’t bother.


I only wash my hair about once or twice a week, so I sometimes “repeat” if I think it needs it. When I washed it every day I did not repeat.

Mine needs two lathers if it’s particularly oily, which it often is. Then again, my hair is long (past my ass), so I only shampoo it once or twice a week so it doesn’t get crunchy and damaged. I never actively shampoo the ends at al, just the scalp, and the suds rinse over the length and cleans it fine that way.

So yeah, very long hair + don’t shampoo often + oily scalp = repeater.

That is exactly my method. I only use shampoo on the scalp. I never actively put it on the length of my hair (down to the small of my back); it just kind of runs over the length and I squeeze it through the hank of hair a bit but don’t really “shampoo” it. And I use only about a dime-sized blob of shampoo total.

I use about a third of a bottle of VO5 conditioner each time though. Thank heavens it’s only $1 a bottle!

Put me in the never repeat group.

Why couldn’t the computer scientist get out of the shower?

I always repeat, otherwise my hair would be too greasy.

I can’t find a cite for this. One of the biggest heroes in advertising is the guy who put those three words on the back of shampoo bottles. Three little words, lather, rinse, repeat, and sales nearly doubled. Eh, probably just a UL.

After the first rinse, pull a lock of your wet hair between your thumb and forefinger. If it squeaks, it’s as clean as it’s going to get. That might be where we get the phrase “squeaky clean.”

I repeat when I feel my hair needs it; that’s usually only if it’s especially dirty or greasy. Otherwise, just the once. Two lathers really does sometimes feel cleaner, though.

I have hair down to my waist. That’s a lot of hair. The first lather/rinse I concentrate on my scalp and the roots, the second one for the rest of the length.

I’m pretty sure the instructions usually say “repeat if desired.” But I must admit it’s been quite some time since I looked at a shampoo bottle in such detail.

I have so little hair, the first lathering is more than enough. When it was longer, I occasionally had to repeat, but that’s almost 40 years ago.

I usually do. My hair is really thick, and I just don’t feel like my scalp is clean if I don’t repeat.

Well, why couldn’t s/he?

I’ve read somewhere - no cite, because I can’t remember where, but it was probably one of those girly fashion magazines that my roommate leaves laying around - that you only need to repeat if you can’t work up a good lather the first time you shampoo. My hair can last almost exactly eight hours before it needs another oil change, so I do have to repeat once or twice a week. Fine, straight, long and oily - that’s a great combination :rolleyes:. What I wouldn’t give to be one of you curly headed gals who can go a week between washes.

I, too, feel that it’s a way to get people to buy more shampoo. I almost never repeat unless my hair feels especially grungy.

Hmm, I have four or five different brands of shampoo in the house right now. (I like to stock up on whatever’s cheapest and reuse the squirt or pump bottles for other things besides.) None of them say simply, “Lather, rinse, repeat” anymore. They’re more descriptive these days. One talks about massaging the shampoo in the hair, two say to use whatever amount is desired, while only two mention repeating and that’s if desired too. Seems marketers have wised up some and are trying to make consumers feel good about their products instead of feeling ripped off with the “repeat” business.

I usually repeat, unless I’m in a hurry. My hair, which is oily, just feels much cleaner after a second half-dose of shampoo and rinse than with just one full-dose.