Lather, rinse ... repeat?

When you wash your hair (or someone else washes it for you), do you repeat (i.e., lather and rinse more than once)?

If it’s really dirty, I might do it twice (more likely back when I had more hair). If it doesn’t lather up nicely, I assume that it needs another go (but that’s very rare).

Yup, always. Sometimes several times, if my brain is being wonky and I can’t remember if I already washed it or not.

No poo. I either “wash” my hair with just water or baking soda/water or apple cider.

I damn sure wish I could have answered that last choice!

I have yet to follow the instructions to their logical conclusion, and always stop after that first repeat. Maybe once out of ten times, if I shampooed the day before, I will violate the instructions and just do the first two.

No, I never repeat. I scrub my head enough the first time around. I only wash with shampoo every other day (the other days I just scrub with my fingers).

The reason the manufacturers want you to repeat is that way they can sell you more shampoo.

Almost always. I have very oily skin/hair. Once usually doesn’t do the job in my estimation.

About half the time is close enough. I use less shampoo with each pass if I’m repeating. The second pass requires very little.

Did you hear about the computer scientist who couldn’t stop washing his hair?

As in BASIC “Go To” loops?

First of all, as I learned when I had waist length hair, you don’t really need to wash your hair. You need to wash your scalp.

Second of all, after you think you’ve rinsed out the first lather, rub your hair and head again. Changes are there is still some shampoo left. Get it all our, cause shampoo attracts dirt, and will make it even dirtier.

I only repeat if I am super-stinkified-dirty. Like after a day of doing house renovations. Or after a camping trip.

I have two kinds of shampoo. One is $13, the other about $17.

The $13 bottle does not say ‘repeat’ or even ‘repeat if necessary’. The $17 bottle has no instructions.

wipes brow Whew.

(Does anyone actually read directions on shampoo?!)

I don’t wash my hair (with things that lather). I have chronically dry hair.

I give my scalp a good rub every few days, sometimes with conditioner, sometimes with just water.

He stops when he gets an out_of_shampoo exception.

Gotta have some way to spend the extra hour from daylight saving time.

I always repeat. Always.

I had no idea we were not all doing that. I’m blown away.

I bet your mattress still has that tag on it that says “Do Not Remove Under Penalty Of Law”, right? Me, too. But I have been so tempted!

If my hair gets long enough and dirty enough I have to repeat. The first wash doesn’t do anything - the soap just disappears. After I get the first layer of dirt stripped, the second wash is nice and foamy and makes me feel cleaner.