Latin terms?

What does the term “Deo Vindice. Resurgam.” mean?
I think it must be Latin or possibly an Italian term. Please help. Thanks in advance.

“God will vindicate. I shall rise again.”

Or at least that’s what the group using it as a motto thinks it means. That group being The Southron Nation Project, who “demand the immediate and complete independence of the Southern states of the American Empire.”

Quick check at this site suggests “vindice” is an imperative (“vindicate” or “deliver”), “deo” is either an ablative or a dative (either “by [means of] God” or “to God”). It’s certainly some sort of pious hope, and the translation given seems sensible enough.

Thanks a million!!
The Southron website is the key. It fits in perfectly with where I originally read the terms. This site is great, questions that drive you crazy can finally be solved. Except for that May 33rd, one!!! It is still driving me nuts after all this time.