Laundry Balls and Toilet Plumes

Greetings knowledgable ones,

As I was reading through the archives, I noticed that Cecil, he whose dope is straightest, spoke of testing the cleaning properties of laundry balls or disks and detergents. The results - neither is necessary - plain water works just as well. On the other hand, speaking of the plume of bacteria coming from flushed toilets and the problems of similar bacteria on underwear, I note that the laundering of underwear should recieve special attention. This suggests to me that someone has probably done a more in depth analysis of the antibacterial properties of various detergents (I suspect that the laundry balls do not do any better killing bacteria than the plain water). I want to know whether standard modern detergents kill the majority of bacteria or if I need to be sure to bleach my underwear (thus discommending colored underwear).

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