LaurAnge puts her foot down and demands attention

I’m having a problem here.

I’ve been on the board for, what, 8 months now? My post count is dreadfully low, but that’s ok. I like to think of myself as one who only posts when she has something valuable to say.

But I started looking through the SDMB valentine thread and realized that no one on this board knows who I am!

I’m Lauren and I live in Montreal. I’m 18. I’m a student who will go into English Lit or Classics in university. I’m a buffy freak, and a gamer. I read a lot.

Now you all know me and have no excuse!

Okay, the real reason I want you to know me is that I feel like a stalker, as I really do read the boards a lot and know a lot of you. hangs her head in shame

Hey! I’d hit on you HARD if I weren’t married and old enough to be your father! Adorable Canadian girl and all. Bet you even have one of those preposterous, I mean, CUTE French-Canadian accents!

Hello Lauren! I’m Bryan. Pleased to meet you. kisses your hand in an old-fashioned gentlemanly sort of way

I know you! You come to chat every so often, no? Hi there! :slight_smile:

Hi! Hey, I know about you, I even gave you a title. Okay, so maybe that’s not saying much but I love ya too, does that count for anything?


     Gee, Lauren, what part of Mundane and Pointless did you miss ? :D If we waited for VALUABLE stuff here, we might get 5 posts a day. My count would be 2, max.

     Just hang out and let people get to know you.

      And it sounds like most of the guys would be flattered to have you stalk them....

dropzone: Thank you! (I think ;))

BlackKnight: Nice to meet you, too.

Silver Fire: Speaking of which, try as I might I just could NOT get onto a server tonight.

FPK: grins okay, you’re forgiven. (Just don’t ask me for what, otherwise I would be forced to make up some ludicrous story putting my improvisational theatre backround to shame.)

lurkernomore: Fine, I admit it. I’m damn shy!

Hello, LaurAnge

I’m Ashley. 18/m/California. I’m a gamer, too! :slight_smile:

Video games, anyway. I don’t know enough people to play the paper and dice variety.

Are you satisfied with the attention you’ve been recieving? :slight_smile:

Dearest Lauren,

I find myself increasingly bewitched by your prose. I have printed out every single blessed word that you ever have posted. I am currently using it as wallpaper, but I’m hoping to eventually make an interperative sculpture using your beauteous words.

I constantly listen to Dar Williams’ Oh Canada Girls and sit in my cold, lonely New England dorm whilst my spleen longs for you.

And yet… I feel as if I am unworthy. I think that I could stare at you without blinking for days, nay, weeks at a time and not lavish enough attention on you.

I see that you are a Buffy fan. May I tempt you with my collection of every single episode, including the unaired pilot? Or perhaps with a hand-carved stake, reminicent of the one that you have driven into my heart?

No trifle of affection is enough. I prostrate myself at your feet. I swoon for you.

With subtle peppermint aftertaste,

Yeah, IRC sucks. There are LOTS of people in here tonight though. I’m amazed they all made it. ::kicks IRC:: Damn it anyway. All I can say is keep trying.

I’d hit on you, too, but A. I barely know you (shut up, Falc), B. you live ass-far away (shut up, ssskuggiii and nocturne), and C. I don’t know you (shut up, Sapphire Bullet).

I can spell.

I also know how to use proper punctuation.

:slight_smile: (and, for the hell of it, GDRLH)

Punha, you utter heathen, the language of idolatry knows no boundries.


is still laughing at andygirl’s post

I am missing about 8 episodes, total. I’m up to tape 20 now, it’s sad. I also have a few stakes lying around my room, but I hide them so my parents won’t think I’m psycho :wink:

andygirl, I can’t even deal with how cool you are! The next time your spleen longs for me, send me an email!

iampunha, don’t worry 'bout it. But I know YOU… maniacal laughter

And Ashtar, yes, I am revelling in such glory. I’m thinking of posting this thread on my wall!

Aside to andygirl, now, about all those episodes… You wouldn’t happen to be coming to Montreal anytime soon, wouldja?

[hijacking my own thread]

andygirl, I need to know what kind of Buffy fan you are, I am consumed with curiosity. Are you Buffy/Angel or Buffy/Riley?


LaurAnge, if you want attention, give Jack Batty a call. He is the most talented attention slut (as opposed to attention whore, since he’s not being paid) in the universe. He can show you how.

Well, actually…

Yes, I am. I don’t know when; some weekend in the next month. I was going to head up this weekend, but cash isn’t working out and I’ve got a big test on Monday. Soon, though. I’m looking at mid/end of February. However, I’d have to get my 'rents to ship me the tapes. What episodes?

What, you mean Buffy and Captain Cardboard vs. Buffy and he of the dark broodyness?

I guess that answers your question. :wink:

Honestly, the only couple I’m a shipper of is Willow/Tara. (And a little Buffy/Faith- hello, subtext!)

The ache has spread to my kidneys,

sweet, sweet, LaurAnge, even though you live on the other side of the earth than I, even though I’ll never hear that sensual purr of an accent you have, even though we will never meet other than on these boards, I would be so very very honoured, if you would be my Valentine.

patiently waiting your reply, a very nervous kristoph

Lauren, hon, I know exactly how you feel. Maybe we should form a SDMB Stalkers’ Brigade for those of us who know all, but are not known. Except, perhaps we should call it a support group instead of a brigade. That sounds slightly less nefarious. :wink:

Nor does it know how to spell.

LaurAnge - How u doin’, there? You, um, ah, . . . so how’s life up there in Canadia?

You realize that we are all going to have to go out for coffee. Andy, for heaven’s sake, please give me exact dates as soon as you know them so that I can plan. (And please, please, I beg of you, don’t say 2-4th feb or 16-18th feb, as I will be completely incommunicado.)